Berkeley, California’s Gregoire (Plus a Takeout-Inspired Recipe!)

Will and I were super hyped to go eat lunch at this iconic Berkeley grub hub this past Friday. We wanted to take a fancy—well, as fancy as we could afford— break from culture‘s California office. Gregoire is a fancy takeout joint built out of a hole-in-the-wall that serves French-style cuisine. Living in Berkeley, I hear about it […]

Eatfeats.com: Your One-Stop Source For Eating Contests

Let’s be honest, we’ve all fantasized what it would be like if we entered an eating contest. I know I always imagine myself winning, and raising my food covered fist into the air in proud victory. Outside of fantasy, I don’t think I would want to cram my stomach full of hotdogs like Joey “Jaws” […]

Cheese on Sushi??!

This past Friday was the grand opening event for Zensen Sushi Express. Becoming the newest addition to sushi restaurants on Durant Ave., one of Berkeley’s go-to food spots, Zensen reeled in enough customers to have customers line out of the door to get in. My friends and I had to wait over 45 minutes just […]

The Cheese and Beer Pairings Party

My second day of work was a blast. Can you guess why? Well, obviously from the title, you can deduce that yes– there was a party. More specifically, it was our launch party to celebrate the release of the new Beer and Cheese: Perfect Pairings Guide for Kindle and iTunes. I’ve never participated in anything […]

Four scoops of chocolate or coffee ice cream sprinkled with nuts and ground chocolate in a parfait glass on a burlap cloth with some coffee beans on it Brunost cheese sliced on brown bread A crusty and cheese covered loaf of olive damper bread from Australia Quark cheese in glass bowl on checkered white and yellow cloth Jamaican bun sandwiched with yellow cheese Fried Egyptian Cheese known as Gebna Makleyah with a lemon wedge and flat bread

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