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Cheese Straws: The Perfect Appetizer?


Crispy, salty, and light as a feather: cheese straws and wafers might just be the perfect bar snack. But you don’t have to unload your wallet at the specialty food store to have enough of these babies for a party — you can make them at home, and yield more delicious results in the process. Find the New York Times-approved recipe below.

For these, please use butter. For cheese, choose sharp Cheddar, real Parmesan, Gruyère or whatever other cheese suits your fancy.

Get the recipe from the New York Times

Becca Haley-Park

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Rebecca Haley-Park is an assistant editor for culture: the word on cheese, and is responsible for all the delicious content on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. When not writing for the magazine you can find her creating cocktail recipes and pairing them with cheese.

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