Illustration of a cow casting a Swiss-cheese-holed shadow

Meat-Free, Cheese-Centric

A vegetarian diet introduces questions when it comes to dairy. Is cheese vegetarian? It depends on the rennet – and the vegetarian – in question

Illustration of a couple dreamily holding hands in the midst of piles of cheese Illustration of a runner crossing the ribbon of a finish line to be awarded a cheese medal Illustration of a figuring walking down a cheese path towards the BRA Cheese festival Illustration of a hand holding a paint roller applying a rainbow of cheese-inspired colors Illustration of a teen doing a jump from a skateboarding ramp made of cheese Illustration of a milkmaid or cowgirl with milk pail riding a goat Illustration of a baby playing with blocks that spell out "cheese" Illustration of a man thinking about a giant cheese Illustration of men at a table for a cheese club

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