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  • Mead, tej, metheglin, hydromel, karri—whatever you call it, honey wine is one of mankind’s earliest alcoholic beverages. ⁠

    Mead has a reputation for being undrinkably sweet, medicinally thick, and generally not for everyone. But there is a new class of mead makers creating delicate, food-friendly honey wines. They’re exploring the drink’s roots in Africa and Asia, sourcing monofloral varietals from around the globe, and playing with new ways of fermenting mead, like méthode champenoise. ⁠

    The result? Crushable, balanced, and food-friendly meads begging to be paired with cheese. They’re deeply floral and flavorful enough to stand on their own next to strong wheels, yet delicate enough to play with milder ones, too.⁠

    Go to our #linkinbio to learn more about mead and get a few inspiring #cheese and #mead pairings.⁠

    ✍️ @linnikral_⁠
    #cheeselover #cheesepairing #honeywine #wine #california #californiamead #meadery #winepairing #culturecheese

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    Happy National Cheese Day!

    Whether you celebrate with a Gouda or a Brie, you better make sure to eat some cheese today.

    #nationalcheeseday #cheeselover #cheese #culturecheese #cheesemaker #cheesemonger #cheeeseislife

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    #CheeseFact: Sheep can recognize up to 50 other sheep faces and remember them for 2 years.⁠

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    Can you guess the secret ingredient in this #martini?⁠

    Hint: It's in the olives AND the cocktail 🧀⁠

    Named for the Greek god of cheesemaking and olive growing, the Aristaeus cocktail shakes umami feta brine with vodka and olive oil for depth of flavor. After opening a package of feta, refrigerate brine in a mason jar. Use it to marinate poultry, add to salad dressings, or to “dirty” your favorite martini.⁠

    ✍️ & 📸 @bframemaine @chefjoshbmaine⁠

    #feta #fetacheese #cocktail #dirtymartini #cheese #culturecheese

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    Strawberry season is right around the corner, and we can't think of a tastier way to enjoy them than these feta #blintzes with strawberries, honey, and lemon.⁠

    The ripe sweetness of strawberries paired with salty feta creates a flavor combination that works for breakfast, brunch, or dessert.⁠

    Get the recipe at our #linkinbio⁠

    ✍️ & 📸 @bframemaine @chefjoshbmaine

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    This is your sign to grill some cheese this Memorial Day weekend 🧀 ☀️ 🇺🇸 ...

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    Anna Juhl is on her feet a lot. In a series of #pivots, life has taken her from walking the long hallways of hospitals as a nurse, to raising two daughters while owning a cheese shop, to leading groups of tourists all over Europe with her organization, @cheesejourneys. ⁠

    Thanks to Anna and her family, the Juhl name has now achieved an almost dynastic quality in the cheese world—her daughters Leah and Rachel went on to work with @essexstcheese, @nealsyarddairy, and the @dzte2022. Anna herself teamed up with heavyweights such as Emilio Mignucci @cheesemee33 of @dibrunobros, @mmefromage, and cheese portrait painter @mikegenoastudio to create turophilic travel experiences worthy of write-ups in @cntraveler, the @wsj, and the @bostonglobe. ⁠

    She took a break from planning a robust 2023-24 trip calendar to chat with us. Read her conversation with @linnikral at the #linkinbio⁠

    #cheese #cheesetravel #culturecheese #travel #cheesejourney

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    Spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner, which means it’s #picnictime. Volpi is ready to make all your picnic dreams come true with this over-the-top #charcuterie and cheese picnic basket, because nothing says #summer like copious amounts of cured meat to share with your friends⁠

    Enter to win this basket featuring ELEVEN of @volpifoods delicious meats, 3 @cypressgrovers cheeses, and this gorgeous picnic basket.⁠

    Here's how to enter:⁠
    - Like this post⁠
    - Follow @volpifoods & @culturecheese⁠
    - Tag 3 charcuterie-loving friends in the comments⁠
    The giveaway will end on June 2nd at 11:59 EST. One winner will be selected and announced in the comments on June 4th. This giveaway is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with Instagram. By entering, entrants confirm they are at least 18 years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram's terms of use. No purchase necessary. Must be a United States resident to enter.⁠
    #giveaway #cheese #cheeselover #charcuterielover #charcuterieboard #picnic #picnicbasket #culturecheese #volpifoods

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    Have you ever asked yourself what qualifies someone to be a #cheese educator? Culture contributor Agela Abdullah @cheesewench shares her experience as a Black cheese #educator and gets political in the process. ⁠

    "I’m aware that there are talented and knowledgeable cheese educators who are Black, #Indigenous, and People of Colour, it’s just that there aren’t enough of us in those front-facing positions. If we’re not acknowledged and promoted within our industry, we won’t be seen by the public, which makes it difficult for them to acknowledge our contributions, inhibits our growth potential, and leads to our erasure."⁠

    Read more from @cheesewench at our #linkinbio⁠ and share your own experience in the comments (if you want to).

    #culturecheese #cheesefortheculture #culture #cheesemonger

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    Last week, culture's digital media editor @josiekrogh attended the first annual @officialmeetingofthemilkmaids in Accord, New York. ⁠

    "Yes, there were tears. Yes, there was talk of menstruation. Yes, there were cheers to dismantle the patriarchy and capitalism. But these cheers were only half-serious, because while we may agree with that sentiment, this was a pragmatic and driven group of women interested in addressing the challenges we face every day and the strides we can take as individuals to overcome them."⁠

    Read more about the importance of women-only spaces and how the Meeting of the Milkmaids came to be at our #linkinbio⁠

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    Particular about your cheese pairings? Skewer them!⁠

    Once defined by crackers, grapes, and a duo or trio of uncelebrated fromage, the cheese plate has really stepped up its game. A well-executed board now boasts vibrant colors, creativity, and most importantly (we hope), thoughtfully chosen combinations of artisan cheeses and paired accompaniments that are meant to sing on the palate—if your guests assemble their bites correctly. ⁠

    Playful and versatile, a skewer satisfies our controlling nature when it comes to feeding people exactly what we intend to feed them. Want to level up your dinner party? Put together one of these single pairings as an amuse bouche:⁠

    Gorgonzola Cremificato + @whenpigsflybread Chocolate Bread⁠

    Pecorino di Pienza Nero + Luxardo Cherry⁠

    @Jasperhillfarm Moses Sleeper + Calabrian Chili⁠

    Weinkase Lagrien + Seared Garlicky Mushroom⁠

    @applebyscheese Cheshire + Ham, Pickled Veggies, & Whole Grain Mustard⁠

    ✍️ @_sarah.jennings_⁠
    📸 @ninagallant_⁠
    styled by @madstrap

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    Bury us in date syrup.

    Sweet, sticky, and ohh so sexy. @enjoyjustdate date syrup tastes like a concentrated liquid version of fresh dates. It’s strong enough to stand up to a funky washed rind or blue, but not too overpowering when paired with milder cheeses.

    This is seriously our new go-to for cheese pairings - plus it’s pretty striking on a cheese board.

    Go to our #linkinbio to check out all our fav cheese accompaniments for Spring!

    #cheese #cheesepairing #cheeselover #culturecheese #datesfruit #justdatesyrup #cheesemonger #food

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