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Articles written by Satio Collection

Satio means to satisfy in Latin. This name refers to the deep and complete satisfaction derived from consuming foods of exceptional quality—foods that fully sate us even in small servings. We work with trusted partners to source distinctive, authentic cheeses of best-in-class quality from across Europe—and beyond. Quality is our greatest inspiration and we are driven to seek out cheeses that enrich every kind of moment, from casual Sunday snacks to elevated fine dining. Our curated portfolio is easily recognized by the Satio Collection seal, which represents our promise of memorable quality and a true taste of origin.

Introducing Satio Collection’s Israeli Feta

Feta is one of the world’s most versatile cheeses, equally at home on a cheeseboard, in a salad, and in myriad recipes, both savory and sweet. Not all feta is the same, however. Authentic feta comes from the Mediterranean and is made only with sheep’s and/or goat’s milk. The flavor should be bright and fresh, […]