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Cheesy Comfort Foods with Montchevre

jalapeno popper pizza

The following content is sponsored and paid for by Montchevre.

At Montchevre, we’re always looking for turophiles who can elevate the cheese game, and former cheesemonger Erika Kubick does just that. Kubick is the founder of the Cheese Sex Death blog, and with her creative approach and undying passion for curds, she is constantly spicing things up in the kitchen; we absolutely love her cheesy creations! Enjoy these comfort food recipes which feature a Montchevre twist!

Jalapeño Popper Pizza

Jalapeño Popper Pizza
Start your morning off hot with this mouthwatering Jalapeño Popper Pizza. Featuring Montchevre’s creamy Jalapeño Goat Cheese, this breakfast pie is sure to wake up your taste buds. Think a jalapeño popper wrapped in smoky bacon and topped with a delicious gooey egg.

Pumpkin Chèvre Macaroni and Cheese

Pumpkin Chèvre Macaroni and Cheese
Kubick has fond childhood memories of her grandmother making her Velveeta Shells & Cheese. As a former cheesemonger who now knows a thing or two about curds, Kubick’s elevated this American classic by ditching the pouched sauce for one made from scratch—and it only takes minutes to make. Her recipe combines Montchevre’s goat milk cheddar with slightly tangy chèvre. Pumpkin puree adds earthy richness to the decadent, golden sauce. 

For more cheesy recipes and photos from Erika Kubick, please visit CheeseSexDeath.com or follow her on Instagram @CheeseSexDeath. This content was sponsored by Montchevre.


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