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For China, with love: NZ dairy giant to start two new cream cheese plants

cream cheese china

New Zealand’s multinational dairy cooperative giant, Fonterra, is setting up two new cream cheese plants at a cost of $150 million in Canterbury NZ. And the decision is a result of a surge in the demand for cream cheese in Asia Pacific, most importantly China.

A recent report published in Stuff.co.nz, quotes Fonterra’s director of global food service, Grant Watson, saying that “arguably, some of the most innovative dairy product development anywhere in the world is happening right now in China”.

In the last couple of years, one of the biggest source of consumption of cream cheese in China has been Tea (but, of course!!) The cream cheese tea macchiato fad has spread through the streets of china, unrelenting, like a contagious disease.

China’s food service industry ranks third in the world—behind the US and Japan—and is reportedly worth $150 billion. To the dairy industry’s benefit, eating habits in China are changing and they’re consuming milk-based products at a younger age.

In a statement, Fonterra said the $150 million two-stage project will see the first plant completed in 2018, with a second to follow in either 2019 or 2020.
The two new plants will incorporate Fonterra-first technology that will allow the firmness and consistency of the cream cheese they produce to be dialed up or down to meet customer preference.

Monisha Awasthi

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