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Lamb Meatballs with Feta and Lemon

Everything’s better with feta, especially these springtime, Greek-inspired meatballs from food blogger smitten kitchen. Packed with salty feta, garlic, and bright parsley and lemon, these simple meatballs are bathed in an olive-y red sauce. Find the recipe below.

Not just any lamb meatballs, though. My usual approach builds them in a falafel-like manner with cumin, coriander, Aleppo pepper and sesame seeds (I talk about in mybook; Molly Wizenberg did so here) but I’m trying to step back from the cumin-frenzy we’ve been in since the new year (see also: Avocado Cups with Black Bean Confetti SaladThree Bean ChiliSizzling Chicken Fajitas and Stuck-Pot Rice with Lentils and Yogurtseriously) and tried to brighten them up for spring with Greek-like spring flair: lemon, feta, olives, oregano and mint.

Get the recipe on smitten kitchen

Photo by smitten kitchen

Rebecca Haley-Park

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