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Buck's Brew

Gothberg Farms
United States
7 ins diameter, 3 ins tall
4.5 lbs
Semi Soft
Flavor Added

Gothberg Farms is situated on forty acres of flat, fertile farmland overlooking Mt Baker near Bow in Washington state. Rhonda and Roy Gothberg bought the property in 2001. At the time, it was a former cow dairy that had become run-down, so they initiated a program of extensive repairs and renovations with a view to making it suitable for a dairy goat farm and creamery. The first goats arrived at Gothberg in April 2002. Having originally started with two does, Rhonda quickly found that she had more milk than the family could consume and decided to try her hand at making cheese. Encouraged by the results, she was inspired to continue. After completing the Cheesemakers’ Short Course at Washington State University, she set about the construction of a new barn and cheesemaking facility. Milk is sourced from Gothberg Farm’s own herd of 20 milking purebred LaMancha goats; a breed known for its quality milk that contains high levels of fat and protein. At any given time there are about 50 LaMancha goats on the farm. This includes the milking does, non-milking does, kids, and bucks. Rhonda produces a wide variety of hand crafted cheeses at Gothberg Farms using her 52 gallon vat pasteurizer. For production of Buck’s Brew, Rhonda uses the base recipe for Gothberg Farms’ gouda and then adds whole brown mustard seeds to the curd. After pressing, cheeses are washed with a locally produced Scotch Ale made by Boundary Bay before being allowed to mature for about a year.

Tasting Notes

Flavors of Buck’s Brew are balanced and full with a lengthy finish. Rich, buttery notes are rounded out by the piquant mustard seeds with deep, pleasant underlying aromas of beer.


Buck’s Brew pairs well with a fine pint of craft ale, sparkling white wines, hard ciders or pear brandy. It makes an excellent addition to a charcuterie plate or cheese board, works well with a hot, fresh pretzel and makes a great ingredient in a Reuben sandwich.