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Grana Padano Social Media Giveaway


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Welcome fall with cheeses from Grana PadanoShare a picture of your favorite Grana Padano recipe telling us what you love about #GranaPadano and tag @culturecheese and  @granapadanopdo for a chance to be one of the three lucky winners to receive a sampling of all 3 ages of Grana Padano!

Three lucky winners will receive:

  • 1kg (about 2.5 pounds) of each age of Grana Padano (Grana Padano, Over 16 months, and Riserva)
  • Set of Grana Padano Cheese Knives
  • Grana Padano Microplane Grater
  • Wooden Cheese Board

The giveaway ends September 30, 2017, and the winners will be announced shortly after.
No purchase necessary. You must be a resident of the US or have a US mailing address to win.
Check out more Grana Padano products at www.granapadano.it

Grana Padano

Grana Padano cheese has been a part of Italy's proud gastronomic heritage for nearly 1000 years. A staple in Italian cuisine, it has become the world's best-selling PDO cheese. It has a fine grainy structure and a mellow, tasty, yet never overpowering, flavor, and can be found aged between 9 months to over 24 months. Grana Padano possesses unique nutritional features and is naturally lactose free due to its production characteristics and the long ageing process.

9 thoughts on “Grana Padano Social Media Giveaway”

  1. Avatar Kyle says:

    One of my favorite cheeses!

  2. Avatar D Johnson says:

    Fettuccini Carbonara!

  3. Avatar theresa upton says:

    What a wonderful give-a-way! Wonderful cheese and just what we need to enjoy it!

  4. Grana Padano with fresh figs, honey and Barolo and life is good!

  5. Avatar Eduardo Rodriguez says:

    Ideal for caccio e Pepe pasta

  6. Avatar Esterly Gilmore says:

    I love GRANA PADANO!! my favorite cheese. I can’t wait to be in Italy in November and try the delicious meals with Grana Padano cheese.

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