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DIY: How to Cut Cheese Like a Pro

If you promised to bring a cheese board to your next dinner party, don’t panic! We have some tricks of the trade to make you look like a cheese pro.

How to Cut Cheese

Like layer cake, the texture and flavor of a wheel or piece of cheese varies throughout—the flavor is often more intense near the rind, and the texture there will be different from the center paste. In order to get a taste of everything in each piece, different cheese shapes require different cutting techniques. 

Firm cheeses like Gruyère and clothbound cheddar 

Pyramid-shaped cheeses like Valençay and Capriole Goat Cheese Piper’s Pyramide 

Log-shaped cheeses like Bûche de Chèvre and Westfield Farm Classic Blue Log  

Blue cheeses like Stilton and Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Bay Blue 

Soft cheeses like brie and St. Nectaire 

Small, square cheeses like Pont l’Évêque and the Grey Barn and Farm Prufrock 

Small, round cheeses like Crottin de Chavignol and Vermont Creamery Bijou 

Got a cheese with a wooden container or wrapping? 

This wheel is likely super-duper soft—don’t slice it as you would a regular wheel. Instead, run a dull knife under and around the top rind and remove it to create a “lid.” Dunk crackers and breadsticks directly into the exposed paste. If you have leftover cheese, place the “lid” back in its place to keep the paste moist and store as normal.

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