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Fruity & Tangy Lustenberger Takes Risotto To A New Level

Risotto Lustenberger 1862 with a green apple
Serves 4
This creamy risotto can be served as a light meal by itself, as a side dish with meat, veggies or a fresh salad. The melted cheese in the risotto tastes absolutely exquisite: It combines fruity and salty notes in a perfect way. On the palate, Lustenberger 1862 tenderly unfolds its own fruity aroma of citrus and apricot – a perfect combination with the apple and the rice.
  1. 320 g Risotto rice
  2. 1 Green apple
  3. 1 glass White wine
  4. 220 grams Lustenberger 1862
  5. 150 ml Vegetable bouillon
  6. ½ Onion
  7. Some Butter
  1. Cut the Lustenberger 1862 into small cubes and set aside. Chop half of the onion into small pieces and fry in the butter.
  2. Add the rice and cook until it is translucent. Deglaze with the wine, then add the bouillon and allow it to boil. Stir occasionally and add more liquid if necessary.
  3. Meanwhile, cut the apple into small cubes and set some apple slices aside for decoration.
  4. Melt some butter in a non-stick pan and pour in some bouillon. Just (about 5 minutes) before the rice is done cooking, put the apple slices in the frying pan.
  5. Turn off the heat and mix the rice together with the cheese cubes apple slices.
  6. Prepare the plates and decorate with the slices of apple you set aside.
  1. Lustenberger1862 fruity and tangy is available at ALDI US, as a «Specially Selected» product.
culture: the word on cheese https://culturecheesemag.com/


Since 1862, the house Lustenberger & Dürst has devoted itself to the pure culture of quality cheese from Switzerland. From its early days Lustenberger & Dürst has constantly continued improving what is already fine. The success of Lustenberger & Dürst is due to a perfect combination of origin, nature, tradition and innovation. Our cheeses are handcrafted from the farm fresh milk in the local dairy, using artisanal methods with low processing handed down from generation to generation. The pure Swiss milk, the skill of our master cheese makers, the secrets of affinage and the innovation creating new varieties make Lustenberger & Dürst one of the most respected cheese‐houses in Switzerland.

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  1. If you can’t get Lustenberger 1862, what would be a recommended substitute?

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