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Swashbuckled Cocktail Paired with Kokos Coconut Gouda

Swashbuckled Cocktail paired with Kokos Coconut Gouda
This refreshing yet complex tiki-style cocktail balances the nutty notes in Kokos coconut gouda for a pairing that will take you straight to the tropics! This combination is equal parts nutty, smoky, and refreshing.
  1. 1 large coconut water ice cube (directions below)
  2. .75 oz BenRiach 17r Peated
  3. .25 oz aged rum
  4. .5 oz coconut water
  5. .25 oz dry curaçao
  6. .25 oz Demerara syrup
  7. .25 oz orgeat
  8. 1 dashes mole bitters
  1. A day ahead of making the cocktail, freeze coconut water in a large ice cube mold. When ready to make the drink, shake remaining ingredients with ice. Strain into a rocks glass over the frozen coconut water ice cube.
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Swashbuckled cocktail creation and pairing sponsored by Brown Forman.

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