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There ain’t no party like a Sartori Cheese party, cuz a Sartori Cheese party is delicious—so what better way to liven up these darkening autumn days than with a gift-crate filled to the brim with Sartori’s best? Enter this month’s digital giveaway, and you could be one of three lucky winners to win a artisanal box with

The giveaway ends December 1, 2016, and winners will be announced in the following days.

No magazine purchase necessary. You must be a resident of the US or have a US mailing address to win.

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Check out more Sartori products at www.sartoricheese.com

Looking for last month’s Champignon giveaway? It’s still live until November 7, 2016—take a look!

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56 thoughts on “Social Media Giveaway”

  1. Avatar brenda cole says:

    You had me at “cheese”

  2. Avatar Ellen Gervits says:

    I love cheese.

  3. Avatar Allen O'Brien says:

    Bellavitano Gold is my favorite cheese.

  4. Avatar Dawn Dennis says:

    Sartori cheese Rocks!! So does having “Culture”! ?

  5. Avatar SHARON DEDERICH says:

    Former Wis. milk producer (retired). Nothing beats Wis. cheese!

  6. Love the swiss & mozzarella cheese, Provolone too best cheese ever!

  7. Avatar Sandy Zimmer says:

    Sartori cheese is the BEST of the BEST!

  8. Avatar Ronda Wynne says:

    more cheese, please!!!!

  9. Avatar Susan Bolin says:

    Culture- Dishing on the flavors of cheese, one flavorful spread at a time!

  10. Avatar linda cheslow says:

    I love cheese!

  11. Avatar d graham says:

    love cheese. makes me feel cultured. lol

  12. Avatar Barbara Pitts says:

    Got to try some of that coffee cheese!

  13. Avatar Tracy Fowler says:

    To cheese…is always the answer

  14. Avatar Sue Ludwig says:

    This is so cheesy!

  15. Avatar Terri Goolsby says:

    Very impressive, would love to try the cheeses and accompaniments.

  16. I would love to try some new cheeses. Me Me Me

  17. Avatar Donald Mullins says:

    I loved to be more Cultured.

  18. Avatar AmarisRJepsen says:

    I would rather make cheese than eat it 🙂

  19. Avatar Emily says:

    Yum, yum, yum. Delicious cheese always adds so much to any occasion.

  20. Avatar Sarah Jepsen says:

    I’m a small home cheese maker in the Alaska – I would love to taste your cheese so I have something to compare my cheeses too because most of what I make, I’ve never eaten it before. BTW, I love your magazine!

  21. Avatar Barbara Benson says:

    It’s not a party without Havarti!

  22. Avatar Rebeca May says:

    As you cheese!

  23. Avatar Sara says:

    Cheese makes the world go round

  24. Avatar Jessica Hamlin says:

    Cheese me, Seymour!

  25. Avatar Ruth Miller says:

    Culture Mag gives me the back-story on cheese in all its glorious forms!

  26. Avatar Donald Mullins says:

    Help me be more Cultured

  27. Avatar paula says:

    Studying like mad with your wonderful magazine (want to become a frommagier with your help)! This is so exciting.

  28. Avatar Randi Snader says:

    Yummy goodness.

  29. Avatar Randi Snader says:

    Cheese, yummy goodness!!

  30. Avatar Danielle Iversen says:

    Building my cheese literature library is my latest endeavor to further my cheese knowledge in order to pass on the passion to my team of amateur cheese mongers and customers alike!!!

  31. Avatar Carolsue says:

    Culture me! I need cheese!

  32. Avatar Sue Ludwig says:

    Live a Cultured life!

  33. Avatar william meltzer says:

    I always enjoy and evening with the bleus!

  34. Avatar Sheri Allen says:

    Aspiring CCP candidate for 2015 Rhode Island- cheese is my passion and reading about cheese is fun! Cooking with cheese is the ultimate!

  35. Avatar Jennifer Rewis says:

    Cheese making. My dream come true!

  36. Avatar LIZANNE BARONE says:


  37. delicious! what a fabulous mix of books! i want culture–

  38. Avatar Anne Spiselman says:

    to please me, cheese me.

  39. Avatar Bonnie K. says:

    I love all things cheese.

  40. Avatar Ashley egan says:

    Beer & Cheese me please!!

  41. Avatar Tamara Clohessy says:

    Love cheese and love prizes! Sweet!

  42. Avatar LaDonna Morse says:

    Love that tangy Blue, so many options.

  43. Avatar Barbara Benson says:

    Cheddar is bedder!

  44. Avatar Amy L says:

    Mmmmmm…cheese 🙂

  45. Avatar Michelle Tynan says:

    I make cheese for a small jersey cow dairy in MA.

  46. Avatar Arnie Kalnins says:

    It IS easy being cheezy

  47. Avatar Jennifer Russell says:

    I’m a huge fan of all things cream, or “creme”!

    1. Avatar deb manzer says:

      Pate is always a party at my house, thanks culture

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