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Taleggio is Ripe for the Taking

We love an autumn cheese plate!

Chatting with the monger at your local cheese shop is always encouraged, but sometimes you just need to pop in and pop out. Ambrosi USA seeks to streamline your cheese board construction process with their Millennial line of traditional Italian cheeses. These pre-cut cheeses are wrapped in color-coded labels to help you create your dream cheese board as easily as 1-2-3. Each color denotes a different style of cheese, from blue to grana to washed-rind. They’re sliced and packaged with cutting-edge technology to ensure freshness.

Although Europe is ripe with cheeses that boast centuries-old traditions, the wide selection and sometimes bold flavor profiles often intimidate those new to the artisan cheese world. Take Italian Taleggio, for example. At first glance, Taleggio might be easily dismissed as that slightly smelly cheese your grandfather enjoyed on his sandwich. But this nuanced cheese has steadily been making a comeback…and deserves a place on your next cheese plate.

Hailing from northern Italy’s Lombardy region, Taleggio is traditionally made from pasteurized cow’s milk every autumn and winter before being aged on wooden shelves. The cheesy ancestor of this washed-rind, smear-ripened cheese appears as far back as ancient Roman times. Its versatility allows adventurous cheese lovers to highlight different flavor profiles depending on the pairing: crusty bread brings out Taleggio’s savory notes while fruit or jam allows its sweetness to shine through.

So while you’re shopping for your holiday cheese plates, keep an eye out for Ambrosi USA’s Millennial Taleggio. Soft and mild on the interior with a thin, punchy rind offering brothy nuances, this cheese’s tasting profile ends with a fruity flourish. Tease out those notes by pairing with a juicy, tangy blackcurrant jam. Buon appetito!

Sponsored by Ambrosi USA.

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