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Terroir Made Tasty: Terre des Volcans Bleu 1924 + Sea Buckthorn Preserves

There’s something thrilling about eating a type of food that can only be made in one place. When nothing else can quite mimic its ultra-specific flavor profile, you feel like you’ve been invited to join some secret club. Such is the case with Terre des Volcans’ Bleu 1924.

Cheesemaker Terre des Volcans is situated in the Auvergne region of France, which possesses its own microclimate. Millenia ago, an ancient volcanic chain wound its way through what is now Auvergne, eroding into the present-day plateaus and rolling hills for which the region is known. The soil is chock-full of minerals from those volcanos; when dairy cows feed on the grasses that grow from this soil, their milk takes on certain flavor notes from those minerals. Any cheese made from this milk will exhibit those ultra-rare qualities only found in cheeses produced in this region.

Terre des Volcans (literally Land of Volcanoes) begins the cheesemaking process the day their cows are milked, capturing the natural flavor profile of the milk as quickly as possible. Wheels of their Bleu 1924, Forme D’Ambert, and Bleu d’Auvergne are then transferred to natural caves, where they are rubbed with salt, inoculated with Penicillium roqueforti, and aged.

Bleu 1924 is unique in the Terre des Volcans range because of its mixed-milk recipe, blending cow’s and sheep’s milk for an extra layer of umami complexity. This cheese comes to the States through Peterson Cheese, importer of fine foods from across the globe. We thought it fitting to pair this one-of-a-kind blue with an equally compelling preserve made from sea buckthorn berries. The sea buckthorn possesses a profile reminiscent of green apple and passionfruit, though it hails from extremely non-tropical regions like coastal Europe, Russia, and the Mongolian desert. Transformed into preserves, its nuanced character persists, making it a fitting match for the many-layered Bleu 1924. 

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