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Uncork Your Potential with Culture and King Estate Wines

In some ways, wine is an easy sell. You have a built-in opportunity, but wine can also be challenging, overwhelming, and confusing. What should you stock? How much do you order and at what price? How do you showcase it and make your store stand out from the rest? And most importantly, how do you successfully sell to savvy, inquiring customers? 

Uncork Your Potential, is designed to answer those questions and more. Led by Culture Media’s wine consultant, Maia Gosselin, this series will include wine 101 fundamentals, sales tools, and marketing strategies all designed to make your wine department a success for your business.  Each session will end with a wine and cheese pairing to remind everyone how these two categories are natural partners.

Hosted by Culture Media with our partner, King Estate Winery, these sessions build on each other, so plan to attend all three. The cost is $25 for all three sessions, and before the third session you will receive two bottles of wine from King Estate Winery, and a completion certificate as a Certified Culture Media Wine Seller. 

As always, space in our events is limited, and is only open to the trade.  We reserve the right to refund any registration fees for those outside of the cheese, specialty food, or wine trade. 

All sessions start at 4 p.m. eastern time and will last approximately one hour.

Wednesday, June 16 4pm EDT — Session One: Wine 101: Boost Your Wine IQ

  • Passport to the World of Wine: Must-know regions; Old World vs. New; terroir, varietals, history, and trends. 
  • Understand how wine fits into the philosophy of your store.  Do you focus on local producers?  Small domestic makers?  Underserved regions from Europe, Australia or elsewhere?  Find wine that fits your store.
  • What are the basic varietals you need to carry?  What are some options to differentiate your store?
  • Wine & Cheese Pairing 1
  • Q & A 

Wednesday, June 23 4pm EDT — Session Two: Operating Your Wine Department

  • How to select and work with your wine reps—there will be many sales reps who want to sell you their wine. Being prepared, and selective, is key so you don’t end up with the wrong inventory for your store. 
  • Savvy ways to save money by buying lesser-known varieties. For example, Sancerre and chevre is a classic pairing but Sancerre can be pricey. However, the Loire offers many exceptional, comparable Sauvignon Blancs from other appellations such as Touraine, that offer high quality but more affordable pricing. 
  • What to stock: Inventory, pricing, shelving/organization.
  • Sales staff: how to train to cross sell wine and cheese; avoid “safe selling,” listen to your customers. 
  • Wine & Cheese Pairing 2
  • Q & A

Wednesday, June 30 4pm EDT — Session Three:  Marketing Your Expertise—Create Your Own Niche

  • Cross-promote pairings
  • Planning and scheduling virtual and in person tastings 
  • Create and theme tasting events– 
    • Country specific: A Tour of France, An Afternoon in Italy
    • A Showdown: France vs. U.S., Italy vs. Spain, etc. 
    • Amazing Wines & Cheeses You’ve Never Heard Of 
    • Bubbles of the World 
    • Organic/Biodynamic
  • Merchandising wine to stand out but not overwhelm your customers
  • Adding wine to your social media presence
  • Incorporating wine into  your holiday and gift giving promotions
  • Building a monthly Wine & Cheese program
  • Wine & Cheese Pairing 3 with King Estate wines 
  • Q & A

About Maia Gosselin

The owner of Sip Wine Education, Maia specializes in helping retailers and restaurants develop and maximize their wine programs. “So much of selling has to do with being confident,” she says. ”You don’t need to know everything about wine, but understanding the basics along with being up-to-date with current trends goes a long way toward making that wine experience fun for both you and your clientele.  And having some trivia and fun facts in your back pocket helps customers feel comfortable buying wine from you.”



About King Estate Winery

Founded in 1991 in Oregon’s famed Willamette Valley wine region, King Estate is the largest biodynamic-certified winery in North America, and one of the largest organic vineyards in the world. The King family’s longstanding commitment to sustainable agriculture is reflected in their world-class wines—the purest expression of their site’s singular terroir. 

About Culture Media

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