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In Queso You Missed It August 12th

In Queso You Missed It: August 12

Good morning cheese fanatics! Do you have what it takes to eat 25 pounds of cheese curds in 6 minutes? Would you punch a guy in the face for a free cheese sample? Would you risk getting caught by police for just one more bite of Red Leicester? Would you rely on cheese tins to smuggle drugs? None of that sound like something you would do? Well luckily for us, there are people out there who would do all of these things. Buckle up, cause you’re in for a crazy round-up today.

Here’s what you might have missed this week in cheese news:

Sam Jones

Sam Jones is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Agriculture, Food, and Environment at Tufts University. She has worked on organic vegetable farms in France, Scotland, and Washington as well as on a chicken and pig farm in Colorado. She is passionate about telling farmers' stories and exploring the varied agricultural methods that go into making delicious cheese around the world.

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