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New on the Market for Autumn 2019

We’ve rounded up six hot products to look out for on your next shopping trip.

BelGioioso has a new snack that smiles back (no really, check the packaging); from fresh mozzarella to Asiago Fresco, two-bite Snacking Cheese will satisfy cravings morning, noon, and night. Even better: With five to seven grams of protein per serving, these cheesy morsels pack a nutritious punch.

If you’re a fan of Vermont Creamery’s cultured butter, keep your eyes peeled for some new packaging. Cultured Butter Sticks—clocking in at half a pound per (two-stick) package—make it even easier to smear this tangy richness on toast, veggies, scones, and more.

Longtime cheesemaker and affineur Jasper Hill Farm is now offering Dry-Cured Salami in addition to their roster of cheeses. Pair plain, black pepper, or garlic flavors with a wedge, or opt for the flavor with a built-in accompaniment: Alpha Tolman cheese salami.

Superfrau is the whey beverage you never knew you needed. Produced in the Boston area, each12-ounce bottle delivers electrolytes, calcium, and B  vitamins via upcycled whey from the brand’s sustainability partners (Appleton Farms in Ipswich, Massachusetts; and Mayval Farm in Westhampton, Massachusetts). Try all three fruity flavors—cucumber lime, peach mango, and lemon elderflower—during your next visit to the Bay State.

Madison Trapkin

Former Editor-in-Chief Madison Trapkin is an Atlanta-bred, Boston-based writer. She graduated from Boston University’s Gastronomy master’s Program in December 2018 and started at culture in March 2019. She is passionate about The Feminist Agenda, pizza, and regularly watering her houseplants.

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