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Let Me Brie: Student Reveals Cheese Phobia


It’s a little heartbreaking to imagine having turophobia–a debilitating fear of cheese. But one 22-year-old from England dreads curds as others run from spiders or snakes, and she cites softer cheeses as some of the worst offenders. Hopefully she can eventually overcome this cheese phobia, even if she never quite reaches the level of turophile.

Melissa North, from Herne Bay, Kent, said she developed the phobia at the age of four, but she is now so terrified of the dairy product the mere sight of it can bring her out in a cold sweat.

The illustration and visual communications student said family and friends tease her for the fear, which has seen her stay away from the food ever since she was given it at a friend’s house when she was a child.

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Photo by Caters News Agency

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