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    "I'd like to cozy up by my backyard fire pit with a board of these exceptional cheeses from Wisconsin. The selection from Your Maker Direct includes Pleasant Ridge Reserve (America's "winningest" cheese), Deer Creek 7-year-old Cheddar, Marieke Foenogreek Gouda and La Clare's Evalon, paired with Potter's crackers and quince and apple jam. Add sliced apples and pears plus a glass of local cider to complete the autumnal flavor experience!" — Susan Sherrill Axelrod

  • Did you know today is #ParmigianoReggiano Day? Here's some cheese history: Back in 2012, two devastating earthquakes hit the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy—home of “The King of Cheeses”—putting 360,000 wheels at risk. As a result, the Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano partnered with Chef @massimobottura to develop his globally renowned Risotto Cacio e Pepe recipe (debuted exactly 8 years ago today) which inspired restaurants and at-home cooks to buy out and save all the damaged wheels. 🧀 Now it's time to celebrate! We recommend spending today cooking with this iconic cheese and learning more about its rich history. ...

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    Autumn is busting out all over, much like this jewel-toned pairing of root veggie chips and @Montchevre Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese. Have a favorite fall fruit or veggie? Try it with a little goat! #teamchevre #montchevre #sponsored ...

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    It’s National Pasta Day, and we know how we’ll be celebrating—with obscenely large piles of cheese-topped pasta. Head to the link in our bio for this brown butter and goat cheese fettuccine recipe—perfect for Sunday night dinner.⁠
    ✍️: @beccahaleypark⁠
    📸: @marquandphoto @judilooks

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    Weekends are for carefree indulgences—like @pointreyescheese Bay Blue with lots of honey. What’s your favorite weekend pairing?⁠
    📸: Mark Ferri, @leslieorlandini

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    Cloudy vision? Don't worry, you're just looking at a wedge of #HazeRemix from @cypressgrovers. Fan favorites #HumboldtFog and Purple Haze collide in a limited edition, soft-ripened goat cheese that features a distinctive ribbon of lavender and hand-harvested wild fennel pollen. Get you a wedge today, and find the recipe for these delectable phyllo dough cigars at the link in our bio. #CypressGrove ...

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    The galette love affair continues! This recipe—with sweet leeks, bitter dandelions, and funky blue cheese—brings the complex flavors of a fancy restaurant to your cozy kitchen table for a mid-week treat. Grab the recipe in bio. ⁠
    ✍️ + 📸: @chefjennydorsey

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    Iffy on mushrooms? You’re not alone. But @woah_annemarie_just is here to tell you to give these divisive fungi a chance—especially if you’re a cheese lover. Full story in bio.⁠
    📸 re-post: @shroom_momma

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    Jessica and Jeremy Little of Georgia-based @sweetgrassdairy changed the game of cheesemaking in the South when they took over the family business in 2005. Now, they’re surrounded by equally talented and passionate makers all across the region. Read more about them and other American artisan makers via the link in our bio. ⁠
    📸 @andrewthomaslee

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    Halloween at home this year = experimenting with pairings that'll get you in the spooky spirit 🎃🧀 Hit the link in our bio to see which festive faves we paired with cheese to make for some unexpectedly delicious combos.⁠
    ✍️: @monica.x⁠
    📸 re-post: @rothcheese ⁠

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    Twirls of zucchini and #FioreSardoPDO intertwine to make a salad worthy of a party, even if it's just you and the fam. Serve as a refreshing side to an autumnal meal. 🥗 🍁 #sponsored by @3pecorinicheese

    DID YOU KNOW: Fiore Sardo PDO has always been considered the hallmark cheese of Sardinian sheep farmers. The use of raw milk and local milk enzymes ensures the development of natural milk microflora, vitamins, and other thermolabile compounds. The use of rennet enzymes (lamb or kid rennet, often handcrafted by the shepherd) gives the cheese its typical sensory traits, including its unique spicy flavor. #ExtraordinarySheep #ExtraordinaryCheese

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    Your cheesy Sunday reminder to practice self-love! ⁠
    📸 re-post: @kaydenhines

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    It’s International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day, AKA the perfect excuse to indulge in all your raw milk faves (like @uplandscheese seasonal Rush Creek Reserve—available for pre-orders now!). Head to the link in our bio for more ideas on how to celebrate. 🧀⁠
    📸 re-post @murrayscheese

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    Apple season means it’s time for cider, dessert, and—of course—seasonal cheese pairings. Click the link in our bio to read more about this fall favorite, its historic origins, and how to enjoy it with cheese all autumn long.⁠
    ✍️: @monica.x⁠
    📸 re-post: @nkpcreate

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    PSA: Grana rinds are edible and should never be wasted! Let @linnikral guide you through some recipes, snacking methods, and serving vessels that will breathe new life into these flavorful leftovers. Full article in bio. ⁠
    📸: @ninagallant_ @chantallambeth

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    Root veggies and Pecorino Romano join forces in this recipe, perfect for cold-weather weeknights. Click the link in our bio for the recipe to this mouthwatering watermelon radish and roasted garlic galette. ⁠
    ✍️ + 📸: @chefjennydorsey

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    This Pecorino Sardo Dolce-smothered dish covers all the major food groups: cheese 🧀, vegetables 🥗, fish 🐟, garlic 🧄. We’re not missing anything, are we? Get the details at the link in our bio. #PecorinoSardo #PDO #sponsored by @3pecorinicheese

    DID YOU KNOW: The use of selected autochthonous lactic acid ferments (naturally present in Sardinian sheep’s milk) accelerates the removal of unwanted microorganisms. It’s also decisive in characterizing the organoleptic and sensory properties typical of Pecorino Sardo PDO, and therefore its unmistakable taste: aromatic and delicate for the Dolce product, strong and slightly spicy for the Maturo product. #ExtraordinarySheep #ExtraordinaryCheese

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    Blessing your Sunday feed with these two beauties, courtesy of @yuliaquino 🐐💐 ...

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    The weekend is the perfect time to go (virtually) shopping for new cheesy products you may have been missing out on. Link in bio for more on the new stuff we’re loving this season and how we recommend indulging. ⁠ ...

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