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  • Did you know shrimp is the most popular seafood eaten in the United States? The average consumer eats four pounds of shrimp a year, and we at Culture believe at least two of those pounds should be eaten with feta cheese.⁠

    Get the recipe for these grilled shrimp skewers and check out Culture's cheese and seafood pairing guide in our link in bio. ⁠

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    Blue cheese, bananas, and ice cream. The combination might sound crazy, but trust us when we say this recipe will have you questioning why you haven't been combining cheese and ice cream your whole life.⁠

    Get inspired with these six cheese x ice cream recipes (link in bio).

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    Cheese for breakfast? Sign us up! ⁠
    Briny feta is whipped with honey to make this creative (and addictive) alternative to plain cream cheese. Top it with clove-spiced walnuts and even more honey for the perfect salty-sweet start to your morning. Find the recipe in our link in bio.⁠

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    Just a little baby animal content from @purelucktexas dairy to help you beat those Sunday scaries. ...

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    Younger versions of Mahón-Menorca PDO taste buttery, fruity, and tart, overlaid with a slight sourness and hint of salt. With age, these flavors intensify; some older wheels can be very salty and piquant. On Menorca, this cheese is traditionally enjoyed sprinkled with freshly ground black pepper, olive oil, and tarragon. The cheese needs an assertive wine to stand up to its intense flavors, such as Madeira or a Rioja. Learn more at the link in bio.


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    Named after one of Europe’s largest cheese markets—Goudse Kaasmarkt, in the town of Gouda, Holland—Gouda is a versatile cheese with taste, texture, and looks that change as the curds ripen. See five ways to prepare this cheese (including these smoked gouda twists!). Link in bio.⁠

    📷: @laurenvolo

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    @mirasaka_fromage's award-winning Fromage de Mirasaka is wrapped in an oak leaf and produced in both goat’s and cow’s milk varieties. Read more about Japanese cheesemakers—link in bio. ...

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    Joel Friedman and Frances Hashimoto’s Los Angeles-based confectionary Mikawaya is generally credited with developing and popularizing mochi ice cream more than 30 years ago. Today, you can buy pre-made versions at places like Trader Joe’s, but if you want to create flavor combos all your own, assemble these desserts at home—find the DIY recipe in our link in bio. ...

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    Complemented by floral and nutty flavors from the edible rind, Murcia al vino PDO is a creamy, mild, and snack-able cheese that has none of the funk people often associate with goat cheese. Check out more about this one of a kind cheese at the link in bio!


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    The cheeses made in Illinois uniquely Midwestern. That unbroken horizon, the rows and rows of soy and wheat, are a microclimate all their own, where water is filtered through limestone bedrock and cows can be grass-grazed nearly year-round. ⁠

    While @linnikral grew up in this prairie landscape, she took a road trip viewing it through the eyes of a newcomer: "It’s a world all its own, and one you might have to see to believe." ⁠

    Check out recommendations on cheesemakers to visit, shops to see, and places to stay in Illinois—link in bio.

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    Prized for its loyalty, independent nature, and instinctive protective-ness, the Maremma sheepdog (cane da pastore Maremmano-Abruzzese) is named after its homeland, a hilly region in Tuscany. Learn more about these hard-working livestock guardian dogs—link in bio. ...

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    Take a virtual trip ✈️ to Greece tomorrow and learn all about Feta PDO 🧀when Contributor Kristine Jannuzzi @nyccheesechick takes over our IG stories from Thessaloniki 🇬🇷 as a guest of @eufetacheese. Don’t miss it!
    Photo 📸 credit: @aimeebourque

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    Upgrade classic chicken Caesar salad with asiago. In our recipe, the cheese makes an appearance in both the dressing and atop the greens. ⁠

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    Cultured butter and run-of-the-mill sweet cream butter not only taste drastically different, they’re virtually different foods! ⁠

    Check out our link in bio to learn all you need to know about tangy, creamy, irresistible cultured butter.

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    We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming of beautiful cheeses and cute baby animals to bring you this important message. Click on the link in bio for the latest In Queso You Missed It, which includes a list of queer-owned food business to support—not just this month but always. 🌈 🧀 ❤️ ...

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    We make a lot of fuss over pairings in this industry. How do we decide what works and what doesn’t? Learn about the art and science of food pairing at the link in bio.⁠

    ✍🏻 @linnikral and 📷 @adamdetour

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    Von Trapp Farmstead (yes, like, 🎵 The Hills Are Alive 🎵 Von Trapp), the makers behind beloved cheeses Oma, Mt Alice and Mad River Blue among others, was recently profiled by editor @susanspoon for our Travel Issue. Learn more about how cheesemaking transformed the family business at the link in bio.⁠

    📷 of Kelly von Trapp c/o @vontrappfarmstead

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