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  • Wishing you all a restful start to the week. 💗

    Repost from @cowsofnewzealand of Marshmallow the cow.

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    Gouda can be made from various milk types and is aged anywhere from one to 36 months, yielding semi-hard to hard wheels. We're sharing five recipes that celebrate Gouda's differences, including these delicious Pan-Fried Chicken Thighs in Gouda Mustard Sauce. Recipes are linked in bio.⁠

    Written by @jaqbotto

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    Although it’s a finishing element, the aged gouda in these Apple Poptarts with Caramel-Crème Fraîche Ice Cream and Aged Gouda is the star. The creamy, rich ice cream helps bring out its caramel flavors, while the tart apples draw out its nutty, sharp qualities. Recipe link in bio.⁠

    ✍️: James Bloomfield⁠
    📸: @Beryl_Striewski

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    Happy National Bagel Day! To celebrate, we're looking back at San Francisco's first cheesemaking creamery and bagel shop. What's your favorite bagel?⁠

    Link to read in bio.⁠

    ✍️: @maddiela1⁠
    📸: @frankiefrankeny

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    Garda DOC wines and Piave DOP cheese are a supreme pair, celebrating craft and tradition, as well as unmatched taste and quality. Our guide will help you learn how to pair, serve, and enjoy this handcrafted, delicious cheese and high-quality, sparkling wine.
    For more information, including a video and an informative, downloadable guide showing you how to merchandise Garda DOC wines and Piave PDO cheese in your store, click the link in our bio.


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    Garda DOC wines and Piave DOP cheese are a supreme pair, celebrating craft and tradition, as well as unmatched taste and quality. Our guide will help you learn how to pair, serve, and enjoy this handcrafted, delicious cheese and high-quality, sparkling wine. Download the guide in the link in our bio. ⁠


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    "As I matured, so did my taste buds. I developed a taste for cheese with character—weird, bright, tangy, earthy, rich, nutty, salty, sweet; when time, temperature, mold, and terroir come together in perfect harmony to produce each unique flavor profile. Salumi (Italian for “cured meats”) are produced in a very similar fashion, so it makes sense to match them with their dairy counterparts." ⁠

    Link in bio to read more about Erika Nakamura's experience with Salumi and Formaggi.⁠

    Text by Erika Nakamura⁠
    Photo by @madstrap

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    When we think cheese, we think of things like cheddar, mozzarella, brie, and parmesan. These are common names, and very popular cheeses. However, if you dig through culture’s Cheese Library, there are some other cheeses out there whose names are pretty hilarious. In fact, they were so hilarious that this article, which started as a top ten list, became a list of 15. ⁠

    Link to the list is in bio.⁠

    ✍️: Amanda Doughty⁠
    📸: @abeautifulmess

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    Watching raclette’s journey from wheel to the plate is a study in dramatic structure.⁠

    Link to full story in bio.⁠

    Text: @mollyhmcd
    Photos: @ninagallant_

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    In this creamy cauliflower and Comté soup, roasting the cauliflower offers a boost of flavor while the addition of potatoes bulks up the consistency. Toasted hazelnuts and cauliflower florets contribute visual interest as well as a welcome variety in texture. What cheesy dishes are you meal-prepping for this week?⁠

    Recipe link in bio.⁠

    ✍️ + 📸: @jaqbotto

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    We all know how luxurious it is to end a meal with cheese. Roquefort pairs so well with jammy wines and dried fruit gives it the perfect amount of sweetness. Prunes are a classic French ingredient, but you could always do a mixture here too, with dried figs and dry cherries. This walks the line between cheese plate and dessert, and is decidedly simple and elegant.⁠
    Get the recipe in the link in our bio. ⁠

    Recipe + Photo by Caroline Schiff

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    We are all about the snacks. And snacks with cheese? yes, please and thank you, ma'am. Try your hand this weekend at these Guinness and Goat Cheese Whoopie pies. The richness of the beer is the perfect pairing for the chocolate, and the tanginess of the goat cheese adds a lovely foil to the sweet and creamy filling. IF YOU MAKE THEM - let us know and send us a DM. We would love to see your creations.⁠

    Written by Rebecca Haley-Park ⁠
    Photographer Dominic Perri ⁠

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    Attention industry professionals! Join us on Monday, January 24, 2022 as we present A Perfect Pairing from Europe featuring Garda DOC wines and Piave DOP cheese. Enjoy a dynamic discussion with Culture founder Stephanie Skinner and industry panelists Carrie Lyn Strong @carrielynstrong and Greselda Powell of @murrayscheese covering a range of topics from merchandising Garda DOC wines and Piave DOP cheeses in your shops, to how best to describe these products to your customers. This promises to be an exciting event with specific takeaways to increase your sales and help broaden your and your customers’ palates. Head to the link in our bio now to reserve your spot!⁠


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    It's the season for comfort food and these provolone recipes are the perfect treat-yo-self snacks or game day appetizers. ⁠

    The recipes feature younger provolone dolce smothering rich, marinara-drenched meatballs; oozing out of crispy, golden, pan-fried chicken breasts; enriching a rustic omelet; and more. Get all the goodness in the link in bio.⁠

    Written by Molly Shuster ⁠
    Photography by Lauren Volo

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    This twist on the classic cacio e pepe utilizes the Chinese principle of má là: spiciness and numbing. Instead of the usual black pepper, this recipe features Sichuan peppercorns for the numbing spice, red chili peppers for the hot spice, plus plenty of Pecorino Romano PDO to balance all that heat. Get the recipe in the link in our bio. ⁠

    ✍️ + 📸 by @3pecorinicheese

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    Have you tried Kraftkar? This 2016 World Cheese Award Winner still burns brightly in our food travel memory.

    Small-scale, careful production is one of the Tingvollost creamery’s hallmarks—so experiencing Kraftkar’s perfectly distributed mold and mouth-coating creaminess is but a dream for most of us. For now, a peek inside the creamery will suffice—and perhaps inspire a journey. “The rest of the world will have to come to Norway,” says dairy manager Egil Smith-Meyer. Read more about it in the link in our bio.

    Written by Molly McDonough
    Photographed by Per Kvalvik, Tommy Rustad and Hanne Stensvold

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    Fortunato Nicotra’s Risotto with Pear, Grana Padano, and Balsamic Vinegar.⁠

    "Chef Nicotra has cooked for two popes, earned two Michelin stars, and for 24 years, designed the menus and ran the kitchen at one of New York City’s most accoladed and beloved restaurants. But his name remains largely unknown, obscured by the high profile of the restaurant’s owner, Lidia Bastianich. The matriarch of an Italian food empire that includes four restaurants, six Eataly locations, a popular cooking show, cookbooks, and products, Bastianich opened her New York flagship, Felidia, in 1981. Following Nicotra’s arrival in 1996, the Upper East Side restaurant earned three stars from New York Times critic Ruth Reichl and again a decade later from Frank Bruni."⁠

    Get the recipe in the link in our bio.⁠

    Text by @susanspoon⁠
    Photos by Michael Karas

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    Despite the myriad challenges of 2021, it can be uplifting to take a look back at the good times we managed to have. For the curd nerds at culture, many of those good times naturally involved cheese. Here are our cheese-centric highlights of the year—raclette seems to be the clear favorite! Read on for our favorite memories in the link in our bio⁠

    Thank you for your contributions⁠

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    For each issue of culture, we choose a noteworthy and especially good-looking cheese, and then style and photograph it to capture its distinctive beauty. As we wrap up the year, were inspired to look back on the centerfolds of 2021, with gratitude once again for the creativity and skill of the cheesemakers, photographers, and stylists who made these images possible. ⁠

    This year, we featured: The Innovation Issue – Red Rock from Roelli’s Cheese Haus; The Travel Issue – Ubriaco Pinot Rosé from Moro Formaggi; The Cheese + Issue –The Rattlesnake from Deer Creek Cheese; The Entertaining Issue – Eligo from Jasper Hill Farm ⁠

    See all the amazing centerfolds and find out more info on each of them in the link in our bio.⁠

    Thanks to our amazing contributors, photographer, stylists, and creameries. ⁠
    @nicolewolf ⁠

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    Caviar Pairings to Ring in the New Year. Yes, Crème Fraîche is always in order. But how about pairing caviar with Harbison from @jasperhillfarm or a Fresh Chèvre from @centralcoastcreamery ~ Check out all of our pairing suggestions in the link in our bio.⁠

    Text by Nick Surette⁠


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