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    The @cheese_academy is calling for cheesemongers to enter the 2022 Young Cheesemonger of the Year competition. The award will be hosted at the @guildoffinefood World Cheese Awards in Wales later this year.⁠

    It is FREE to enter, and finalists will be invited to attend in person the WCA and compete against their peers in four rounds of competition:⁠
    - Deliver the rationale behind their initial cheeseboard selection.⁠
    - Demonstration of their cut and wrap skills.⁠
    - A cheese identification round.⁠
    - “MasterRind”— a quiz, about cheeses from around the world. ⁠

    Link in bio for more information and how to enter. Entries close Sept. 9. ⁠

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    Feta fun facts! 🇬🇷🧀⁠
    ~ 120,000 tons of feta produced in Greece per year⁠
    ~ Must be at least 70% sheep's milk, up to 30% goat's milk⁠
    ~ Ages for a minimum of 2 months⁠

    @culturecheese contributor @nyccheesechick recently returned from a trip to Greece where she learned all about the history and production of the iconic #fetapdo cheese.⁠

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    Take French cheeses beyond the board! Our French cheese guide is chock full of ooey-gooey recipes designed to get your creative juices flowing. Baked Camembert and Comté mac & cheese anyone?⁠
    Get the guide in our link in bio.⁠


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    Did you know that for every pound of cheese produced, there is 8-9 pounds of whey byproduct?!

    For small cheesemakers, disposing of this whey can be a challenge. It’s not a product people want to eat, and it’s too nutrient dense and acidic to go down the drain. At @fireflycheese they team up with local farmers find a good use for that whey: feeding pigs 🐷

    Every week @wildomfarm picks up a tank of whey from the creamery to feed to their pigs. It’s a nutrient dense food that pigs love eating. Happy pigs. Happy planet. Happy bellies. It’s a win-win-win.

    #cheese #cheesemaking #farming #whey #pigs #cheesefacts #culturecheese

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    DIY crackers are easy and customizable. If you’ve got 30 minutes and basic ingredients in your kitchen—flour, water, oil, and salt—you can make your own crackers. Once you get the hang of it, your recipe can evolve to include heritage grain flours, flavorful liquids like buttermilk, and any combination of seeds and spices to top with.⁠

    Get the super simple recipe in our link in bio!⁠

    Written and photographed by @christine.rudalevige

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    Maca, burdock, and aloe oh my! These #bevvies put the "fun" in FUN-ctional. ⁠

    In our new issue, we take a look at the #functionalbeverage trend and pair some of our favorites with...you guessed it: cheese! Link in bio to get the full scoop.⁠

    ✍️ @linnikral

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    Sunday funday with the gang!⁠ ...

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    Ever wonder which knife to use with a certain type of cheese? Well wonder no more because we’ve got you covered thanks to our friends at @fromagefromeurope.⁠

    FORK-TIPPED SPEAR: Consider this your go-to cheese tool. It’s great for slicing a variety of cheeses, plus the fork tip is helpful for serving.⁠
    SOFT CHEESE KNIFE: Use it for spreading soft cheese on crackers.⁠
    CHEESE FORK: Use a cheese fork to break up hard, aged cheeses or soft crumbly cheeses; or for holding a cheese in place as you cut.⁠
    SPADE: These are for heavy-duty cutting, especially when you’re tackling a hard cheese.⁠
    CHEESE SPREADER: This knife has a sharp blade and a routed tip to easily spread cheese on bread and crackers.⁠

    Head over to our link in bio to learn even more about how to serve French cheeses.

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    There's no wrong time for @cowgirlcreamery Mt Tam. This rich triple cream is perfect for smearing on bread and pairs perfectly with a glass of champagne. ...

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    Hump day, amirite?⁠
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    Can you guess the secret ingredient in these brownies? ⁠

    Click the link in bio to find out!⁠
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    “I am under no illusion that I am anything but in honorable and magical service to the cheese. Everything I do here is to shine a light on the cheese, and to be its storyteller.”⁠

    Link in bio to read how Louise Converse of @artisancheesecompany creates harmonious cheese pairings.⁠

    📸 @malscy⁠
    ✍️ @jenkaretnick

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    Over 100 cheesemakers came out to strut their stuff and talk cheese at #2022acsannualconference

    Congrats to everyone for an amazing conference! Thank you for making such delicious and inspiring cheese.

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    We think the best way to learn about cheese is to get⁠ out there and start tasting! That’s why we’ve enlisted⁠ over 20 local cheese shops from around the country to⁠ help you expand your French cheese knowledge. Get to⁠ know your monger and learn all about how to build the⁠ best cheeseboard featuring French cheeses.⁠

    Get the list of participating retail shops in our link in bio.⁠

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    ⁠You've heard of an ash line, but have you ever seen a #seaweed line? ⁠
    Rockweed gets its subtle briny flavor from a line of bladderwrack seaweed running through the center of the bloomy cow's milk cheese.⁠
    Learn more about our Autumn centerfold from @lakinsgeorgescheese in our link in bio.⁠
    📸 @malscy

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    The new issue of culture magazine is here, and it’s all about cheese pairings!

    Inside, you’ll find favorite matchups from mongers across the country, learn what’s behind the taboo against pairing cheese and seafood and so much more!⁠

    Subscribe now and get the new issue delivered straight to your door!!⁠ Link in bio.⁠

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    Queijo Figueria, from @fazendaatalaia⁠ creamery in São Paulo, Brazil, is a smooth and creamy cheese with a slightly sweet flavor. It gets its striking orange color form the natural #annatto dye that's added to the paste. ⁠

    Read all about Brazil's trail-blazing female cheesemakers in our new issue. Link in bio!⁠

    ✍️ @squeezeoflime⁠
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