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  • What’s the key to the perfect #burger? The perfect cheese!!

    But what makes the perfect #cheese? It’s got to be meltable, tangy, and flavorful but not overpowering.

    This summer we’re grilling out with @blackcreekcheese 2 year aged extra sharp #cheddar cheese. It is naturally aged for two years, creating a pleasantly sharp and complex flavor that is both rich and nutty.

    Pro Tip: Use a cheese slicer like this one to create perfect slices for all your grilling needs!

    Check out @blackcreekcheese to learn more!

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    When Wafa Shami (@palestineinadish) reminisces on her early memories of Akkawi, she’s met with a vivid scene of her parents boiling goat’s milk and gently straining soft curds in her Ramallah, Palestine, home. “The aroma filled the entire house,” she says, remembering the final step of preserving the cheese in jars filled with fragrant brines.⁠

    To make Akkawi, animals are milked in the spring when fresh grass imparts a vibrant, earthy flavor on the milk. The curds are then molded and preserved in salt water or brine.⁠

    Shami shared her recipe for Manakeesh (also pronounced mana’ish), a popular savory flatbread that features layers of melty Akkawi cheese with a sprinkling of aromatic nigella seeds. ⁠

    Find the recipe at the link in our bio.⁠

    ✍️ Ashia Aubourg
    📸 & recipe @palestineinadish

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    This week, over 1,000 cheese professionals will descend on Buffalo for the @American_Cheese_Society annual conference (aka #cheesecamp). ⁠

    As we plan our routes and save places to our Google Maps list, we figured it would be a good idea to reach out to an in-the-know local to get an inside scoop on Buffalo`s cheese scene. Rachel Waschitz Banks (@lemonewe) a founding member of the @newyorkstatecheesecouncil, compiled a list Buffalo`s iconic cheese spots. ⁠

    From cheese shops and dairy farms to burger joints and ice cream parlors, be sure to check out these spots when you`re in town!⁠

    Go to the link in our bio to find the list.

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    Happy 4th y’all 🇺🇸🧀 ...

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    When you opt into the Inn at Little Washington’s $32 cheese course, you get dinner and a show, thanks to fromager and “cheese whiz” Cameron Smith. ⁠

    For nearly 17 years, Smith has been serving cheese with a side of comedy. His act starts the moment he wheels the cheese cart—a rolling cow—into the dining room. Heads turn. iPhone cameras flash. Sure, you get to learn about cheese from a Certified Cheese Professional, but what’s most impressive is how effortlessly Smith intertwines his cheese knowledge with an endless supply of dairy-themed entertainment.⁠

    Read Alyssa Langer`s (@missalyss2) Q&A with Cameron from our most recent issue at the link in our bio!⁠

    📸 from @innatlittlewash ⁠
    ✍️ @missalyss2⁠

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    Looking for your next obsession? ⁠

    Our team of #cheese pros has curated our must-have summer accompaniments for your #cheeseboards. From nutty black sesame butter to vibrant rosé wine jelly, these picks will bring all the flavors and textures to your next #cheeseplate.⁠

    Go to our link in bio to read more!

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    Make an all-American cheese plate this 4th of July 🇺🇸⁠

    Go to our link in bio to get our list of 6 cheese boards that celebrate summer`s bounty!

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    Are you a cheese pro heading to Buffalo for the @american_cheese_society conference? ⁠

    🎟️🎟️🎟️ Tickets are available for @dzte2022 annual party!!⁠

    Proceeds will benefit the Daphne Zepos Teaching Endowment and the newly formed @newyorkstatecheesecouncil ⁠

    Ample cheese will be provided by @maker_to_monger and several New York cheesemakers, PLUS there will be raffles for amazing prizes from @formaticum, @essexstcheese, @culturecheese magazine, and @shelburnefarms!⁠

    Have a great time and support two great non-profit organizations… see you in Buffalo! Get tickets at our link in bio!⁠

    #daphnezeposteachingendowment #dzte #cheese #cheeselover #americancheesesociety #cheesecommunity #buffalony #newyorkcheese #cheeseparty

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    Murcia al Vino PDO cheese is made from the pasteurized, high-fat milk of Murciana goats around Jumilla, Spain. Murcian cheesemakers have been making versions of this wine-washed goat’s milk wheel for years. Today only a few producers of the PDO cheese remain.

    The most striking characteristic of @quesodemurcia —and the attribute that gives it its name—is the fact that the cheese is soaked in Doble Pasta wine, a locally-famous wine made from the Monastrell grape. Originally, young wheels were soaked in wine early on and then aged, however the practice resulted in fissures in the cheese’s paste; today, wheels are soaked towards the end of its aging period of 45-75 days. 

    Go to the link in our bio to download a Counter Card and learn more about Murcia al Vino PDO.

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    Ever wonder why some cheeses are orange?⁠

    Psychologically, humans perceive orange to be warm and inviting. Physiological studies show it also stimulates our appetites. So, the decision to place a wedge of French Mimolette, Dutch Aged Gouda, Wisconsin Cheddar, or Shropshire Blue on a cheeseboard for chromatic variety is scientifically sound.⁠

    These cheeses obtain their sweet potato hue from annatto, a colorant extracted from dried seeds of evergreen achiote shrubs native to the tropical Americas. But does #annatto change the flavor of cheese? ⁠

    See what the experts had to say about it at our link in bio⁠

    ✍️ & 📸 @christine.rudalevige

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    🎟️ 🎟️ There’s still time to get tickets to the biggest cheese party in NYC! The @thecheesemongerinvitational is an all-you-can-eat cheese extravaganza featuring artisan cheeses from around the world.

    Watch as cheesemongers compete on stage for a chance to win it all, all while enjoying cheese 🧀 and drinks 🍺 and tasting their expert pairings.

    The event is this Sunday, June 23 at 3pm at @brooklynsteel. Get tickets at our link in bio!!

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    Soaking cheese in wine >> pairing cheese and wine.
    Murcia al Vino PDO is the only European goat cheese soaked in red wine. Made in the coastal region around Jumilla, Spain, wheels are aged for 45 days before being soaked in wine for 72 hours.

    Complemented by floral and fruity flavors from the edible rind, the creamy, mild, and snack-able cheese without the funk people often associate with goat cheese.

    Go to our link in bio to learn more about Murcia al Vino PDO and find out where to pick some up at a retailer near you!

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    Patio season is here and so is World Verdejo Day! It’s the perfect ‘patio pounder’ for those warm sunny days! Grab a bottle of Rueda, Spain’s #1 selling white wine, and celebrate with us on June 14.

    Did you know:
    🍷 Rueda Verdejo is crisp, fresh & complex, appealing to lovers of Sauv Blanc & Pinot Grigio.
    🍃 Rueda Verdejo has a long tradition of sustainable practices, well before it was trendy!
    👩 Rueda Verdejo producers celebrate gender diversity, with 2/3 of wineries run by women

    #wine #spain #rueda #DORueda #lion #verdejo #verdejoday #womeninwine #spanishwhite #summerwine #patioseason

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    Lights. Camera. Action. 🎬️ This past weekend, the @Tribeca Film Festival premiered Shelf Life, a unique documentary that delves into the world of cheese and aging. Directed by Ian Cheney, the film explores an unusual premise: can spending time with those who age cheese offer insights into the human experience of growing old?⁠

    Shelf Life is comprised of around a dozen short vignettes, each one portraying a different aspect of the global cheese ecosystem. From ancient origins in Egypt to today’s streamlined production methods, the film takes viewers on a journey across space and time, focusing on themes surrounding aging and decay.⁠

    Watch the trailer at the link in our bio.

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    Food writer @pamelavachon_words shares her paradigm-shifting experience at London`s @LaFauxmagerie, where she, for the first time, understood the allure of cheese`s vegan counterpart. ⁠

    "London, to me, has always been the pinnacle of urban cheese tourism. From the myriad stalls at Borough Market to legendary Neal’s Yard Dairy to any of Mathew Carver’s playful cheese cafés (Fondue on a barge! Cheese plates on a conveyor belt!), I’ve never left London without a memorable cheese experience. La Fauxmagerie proved no exception, and it’s a spot I’d introduce to cheese lovers of any ilk."⁠

    Read more of her ruminations at our link in bio.

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