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  • Getting to see behind the scenes with cheesemakers is one of the best things about what we do at Culture. For the latest issue, Editor Susan Axelrod visited @vontrappfarmstead and checked out the aging vault where Mad River Blue ages for three months. Read the story at our link in bio.⁠

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    This recipe and gorgeous photo from @itsjennybravo stopped us in our tracks. Homemade pasta with creamy tomato confit and camembert served IN a camembert wheel ... WHAT?! 😍 From One Cheese Five Ways in our latest issue, it's a stunner. Get the recipe at our link in bio. 🔥 🧀 ...

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    We have the (cured) meats, and they've never been cooler. "Think: Wagyu bresaola, saucisson aux noisette crafted with Georgia peanuts, and salami modeled after a Midwestern Brandy Old Fashioned" writes Linni Kral in our latest issue. Learn more about the charcuterie renaissance plus how these new-fashioned meats pair with cheese at our link in bio. 🔥 🍖 🧀⁠

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    Have you met our latest Centerfold? Fleur de la Prairie is a seasonal, geotrichum-rinded goat's milk wheel from @prairiefruitsfarm — Illinois' first farmstead creamery — adorned with dried flowers and herbs from the farm's gardens. Learn more at our link in bio, and get this beauty while you can! 🧀 💐❤️⁠

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    Virginie Dubois-Dhorne wasn’t the first woman to win the title of Best Cheesemonger in the World at Mondial du Fromage, but she was the first French woman, which was a big deal. Click on the link in bio to read about her win, plus more cheese world news in this week's edition of In Queso You Missed It. ⁠

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    Looking for a cheese-centric getaway? Put New York's Hudson Valley at the top of your bucket list. This bucolic region is home to a number of noteworthy artisan cheese producers, including @asgaardfarm @sugarhousecreamery @fourfatfowls + @churchtown_dairy. Head over to our link in bio to plan your trip with Matt Dutile's excellent story from our Travel Issue.⁠

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    It may be only Wednesday, but we're already making plans for the weekend, including cooking up these lemon ricotta waffles for brunch on the porch. Thanks to the ricotta they're light and tender on the inside, yet pleasingly crisp on the outside. Get the recipe at our link in bio, and don't forget the mimosas!⁠

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    "Buffalo milk cheeses make me feel the way I do after throwing back an oyster—which is to say, like I just dove off a salt-stained dock into the Atlantic Ocean. I’m refreshed, invigorated, awake, alive." - @LinniKral Take a deep dive with Linni into the world of buffalo milk cheeses, like Bufarolo, from @crownfinishcaves, at our link in bio. 🐃 🧀⁠

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    In Queso You Missed It: It's the beginning of American Cheese Month (which moved from October to May in 2020). At culture, we cover cheeses and cheesemakers from around the world, but our primary focus is American cheese. Read all about artisanal cheesemaking in the U.S. and catch up on what you may have missed last week at the link in bio.⁠

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    Choosing wines to pair with cheese from among the mind-boggling array of available bottles can be a challenge. Wine + cheese educator Adam Centamore is here to help with 5 cheese friendly wines that will be your go-tos. Get his list and pairings at our link in bio.⁠

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    Camembert. Strawberries. Pistachios. You had us at "Camembert," but if we must gild the lily, we can't think of better springtime companions for this luscious cheese. Get the recipe at our link in bio, and let's go weekend! 🧀 🍓⁠

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    Have you ever thought, "Man I wish I could create kick a** digital content about cheese as a full time job"? Well, now's your chance! We are HIRING and would love to chat. Specifically, if you are a skilled writer with a knack for understanding digital media (bonus points if you know what KPIs are), then this might be the job for you. Apply at link in bio!⁠

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    Thursday is "weekend eve," amirite? So it's time to think about weekend snacking. You can't go wrong with this light, herbaceous Queso Fresco with Spring Vegetables. Get the recipe by @whitneyotawka at our link in bio.⁠

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    Put down that grater—it's time to pair Parmigiano Reggiano with drinks. @dinoborri of @eataly has your complete guide to pairing this iconic Italian cheese with beverages from brunch to bedtime. Check it out at our link in bio. 🍷🧀⁠

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    It's salad season! But just because we're eating our fresh veggies doesn't mean we'll leave out the #cheese. How gorgeous is this Spring Vegetable Salad with Quinoa and Goat Cheese?! Check out the recipe + 4 more cheesy spring salads at our link in bio.⁠

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    This sweet baby face is courtesy of our friends at @vontrappfarmstead in Vermont, where the von Trapps' practice of regenerative agriculture means that the cows graze on biodiverse pastureland—which results in exceptionally delicious #cheese! 🐂 ❤️ 🧀 ...

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    Who says cheese plates are just for the later hours of the day? Not us. Paired with cured meats, honey, and other sweet and savory accompaniments, cheese can be a brunch game-changer. Hello weekend! Get the how-to at our link in bio. 🧀 ☀️⁠

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    On #earthday we are all (hopefully) thinking about what we can do to help the environment. For cheese lovers and curd nerds everywhere, we've got your guide to 6 delicious, cheese-centric ways to make a difference, from using up leftover cheese to sustainable pairings for your cheese board. Show some cheese love for Mother Earth at our link in bio. ⁠🧀 🌎 ❤️⁠

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