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Triple Cream

Top Triple Creams to Serve at the Holidays

An expert round-up of the best triple cream cheeses on the market.

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  • "Of course today is National Cookie Day, because it’s most definitely cookie season. Even though it’s been a while since I poured a glass of milk and put a few colorfully iced, cut-out sugar cookies on a plate for Santa, I believe that homemade cookies are a holiday tradition worth keeping. I like to bake 10 or 12 varieties, and as each is done, I stash the cookies in tins in the cold garage until I’m ready to package them up to give away, arranged on festive paper plates, wrapped with cellophane, and tied with ribbon." ~ Editor-in-Chief Susan Axelrod compiled some of Culture's Best Sweet-and-Savory Cookie Recipes to make with Cheese (think Aged Gouda Sandwich Cookies and Jammy Blue Cheese Thumbprints). Read more in the link in bio. ⁠

    Round-up by @susanspoon
    📸 by Beryl Striewski and Jackie Botto
    Recipes by Jackie Botto, Leigh Belanger, & Elaine Khosrova

    #cheeselove #cookies #nationalcookieday #cookieswap #holidaycookies #cheese #cheesepairing

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    "Dessert before Dishonor: From the French verb desservir, meaning "to clear the table,” dessert is usually the cherry on top of a sustaining meal. Sweet interludes in the form of sorbets or candied flowers have long served as mid-meal palate cleansers, but the dessert course came into its own at Renaissance-era salons. There, intellectuals and creatives would gather to share ideas whilst nibbling on palm-sized pastries following the main course. Indeed, the concept of dessert still feels like an indulgent prize that rewards diners’ patience." Read more in the link in bio. ⁠

    ✍️ @feeddogproductions ~ Margaret Leahy ⁠
    📸 @adamdetour
    Styled by @catrinekelty

    #cheesecourse #cheeseplate #cheeseboard #cheesefordessert #culturecheese #entertaining

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    With nearly 30 years of experience in the dairy industry, Reggie Jones, founder and head cheesemaker at Central Coast Creamery, knows his way around a wheel of cheese. While some would assume his passion was cultivated by a life surrounded by dairy, it was actually quite the opposite. “I got into cheese by happenstance,” Jones says. “I had a degree in biological sciences, and no job.” After signing up at a temp agency, he was placed in a lab at a large-scale cheese factory and things just clicked. Read more in the link in bio ⬆️⁠

    ✍️ & 📸 by Jesse Nicely⁠

    #cheesemaker #cheeselove #culturecheese #cheeseindustry #cheesehistory #makers #foodforthought #cheesewriting

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    This take on classic ramen gets its flavor from an unlikely ingredient— French cheese. The broth recipe yields more than needed for the ramen; use leftovers as stock in other recipes for a layer of umami flavor.⁠
    Get the recipe in the link in bio.⁠

    ✍️ & 📸 Rachel Freier and Laura Sutter⁠
    #ramen #culturecheese #cheeserecipe

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    This holiday season, take your latkes to the next level with Vermont Creamery’s new cultured sour cream—destined to become your new favorite. What makes this sour cream so different? It has higher milk fat content (22 percent vs. the standard 18 percent), which gives it a noticeably more indulgent consistency. Supple and smooth, Vermont Creamery’s sour cream will add new depth to your cooking, elevate your baking, and lend richness to everything you dollop it on.⁠

    Get the recipe in the link in bio.⁠

    @vermontcreamery #consciouslycrafted

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    Savory Bacon Comté Scones! Can we get a YES, PLEASE, and THANK YOU on this?!? Jackie Botto shares her recipe for these savory scones that are the perfect match for soup and stew - or just eating all by themselves with your crew. ⁠

    Get her recipe in the link in bio. ⁠
    ✍️+ 📸: @jaqbotto ⁠

    #scones #onecheesefiveways #cheeselove #cheeserecipes #eatingwell #baking #eatgoodfood #cheeselovers #morecheeseplease #sweetandsavory #makegoodfood #culturecheese #culturemagazine

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    What happens when you take a flagship cheese and roll it in hay? If you’re @jasperhillfarm, you win awards. Head to the link in our bio to read about our 2019 centerfold Calderwood—Jasper Hill’s Alpha Tolman pressed with toasted hay.⁠
    📸: @adamdetour @kendraelizabethsylist

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    Pictured: Our face when thinking about cheese. 😋⁠
    📸 re-post: @caromontfarm⁠

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    What local cheese shops are you visiting to celebrate #SmallBusinessSaturday? Tag them below! ⬇️⁠
    📸: @hpickeringphoto

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    Got leftover pie? Swap the ice cream topping for a cheese pairing that brings those fall flavors to the next level. Link in bio for details.⁠
    ✍️: @buttina⁠
    📸: @beryl_striewski

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all our curd-loving followers! Sending warm wishes of creamy side dishes, hearty cheese plates, and priceless memories with loved ones. 🦃🧡 ...

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    If an “appropriate” time for a cheese + cookie cheese board exists, it’s during the holiday season. Head to the link in our bio for some deliciously nostalgic cheese pairings that are begging to be put out at your next holiday gathering.⁠
    ✍️+ 📸: Hannah Leidy⁠

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    When you peel back the parchment on this glistening block of Delitia Water Buffalo Butter crafted in the Italian province of Latina, you’ll be tempted to go at it like carnival fudge. We’d tell you not to, except…that’s exactly what we do. 🤷‍♀️⁠
    More on this and other buffalo’s milk delicacies via the link in our bio.⁠
    ✍️: @linnikral⁠
    📸: @ninagallant_ @elle_simone_scott

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    As @StellaCheeses gears up for its 100th year, the brand is reflecting on what made it the star of Italian cheese in the first place: full-flavored, authentic recipes—like this irresistibly creamy risotto carbonara—which incorporates Stella®’s new imported Parmigiano Reggiano. This cheese, as well as Stella®'s Grana Padano, have a depth of richness and flavor that will instantly transport consumers to the countryside of northern Italy from the comfort of home. Head to the link in our bio for the recipe.
    #GoFromGoodtoGourmet #StellaImportCollection

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    At Fromages du Verger in Québec, autumn is the start of pre-lambing season, when almost 100 East Friesian/Lacaune sheep will birth another 100 lambs. Head to the link in our bio for a photo tour of this farm, the creamery, and the accompanying apple orchard.⁠
    📸: @autumnwoodcreative

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    Okay, you’ve got the turkey in the freezer and the pie orders in. What about cocktails?⁠
    Head to the link in our bio for five nuanced cocktail recipes (and their cheese partners!) that are fancy enough for holiday entertaining.⁠
    ✍️: @susanspoon⁠
    📸: @nicole_wolf_photography @chantallambeth

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    After almost two years of isolation and social distancing, this upcoming season of entertaining might feel like more of a challenge. If you need a refresher on appropriate cheese cutting for your holiday boards, head to the link in our bio for an easy-to-follow guide.⁠ ...

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    ’Tis the season for cozy meals to enjoy with good wine and great company. Enter this Steak and Stilton pie: a hearty dish just perfect for entertaining.⁠ Recipe in bio.⁠
    ✍️ + 📸: @jaqbotto

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    Haven’t started your holiday shopping yet? Stumped on what to buy your cheese-loving friends? We’ve got you. ⁠
    Head to the link in our bio for Culture's Ultimate Cheese-Lovers' Holiday Gift Guide, where you’ll find all kinds of gifting inspiration—from the edible, to the practical, to the philanthropic.

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