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  • CEO of @atlanticseafarms Briana Warner wants to change the way we think about seaweed. This kelp can help fund local communities, fight climate change, and keep you healthy. *Did we mention it’s great with cheese?* Hit the link in our bio to read about this woman-owned company’s green initiative and get some pairing inspo. ⁠
    ✍️: @monica.x⁠
    📸: @neoceancluster

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    Our Innovation issue’s vibrant centerfold, @chrisroelli’s Red Rock, might look unassuming from the outside—but cracking it open reveals a tangerine-colored dream. Hit the link in our bio to read more about this unique cheddar.⁠
    ✍️: @feeddogproductions⁠
    📸: @nicole_wolf_photography @vseder

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    Elevate your at-home appetizer with @cathedralcityusa UK’s #1 Cheddar (now available nationwide in the US!). This recipe is mouthwatering and easy to put together—plus: with the innovative resealable packaging, the leftover possibilities are endless. Recipe in bio. #CathedralCityCheddar #UksNo1Cheddar #EnglishCheddar ...

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    It’s officially Women’s History Month! All March long, we’ll be celebrating on how far women have come in the cheese industry—and reflecting on how long we still have to go. Click the link in our bio to read @musicwithdinner describe her experience with gender discrimination as a cheesemonger and how she hopes the industry can reckon with lingering bias.⁠
    ✍️: @musicwithdinner⁠
    👨‍🎨: @tombingstagram⁠

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    February’s coming to a close and winter is starting to melt away. One thing we’ll miss about the cold? Seeing adorable goats in sweaters. ⁠
    📸 re-post: @caromontfarm

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    Craving something cozy? This creamy cauliflower and Comté soup is comforting, flavorful, and easy to put together for a weekend meal at home. Recipe in bio. ⁠
    ✍️ + 📸: @jaqbotto

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    Weekend plans? We'll just be eating cheese, cooking with cheese, and reading about cheese—especially from these new releases that cover everything from cheesy recipes to board-building to sustainable shopping. Hit the link in our bio for more details on these curd-filled reads.⁠
    ✍️: @monica.x

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    Herstory is repeating itself at @applebyscheese, as trailblazing cheesemaker Sarah Appleby looks to the past to find a way forward for farmstead Cheshire cheese. Hit the link in our bio to read how innovation and tradition are coming together at this iconic British creamery.⁠
    ✍️: @rabbrownell @christine.rudalevige

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    These mouthwatering Sweet Potato Ravioli from @marcuscooks’s cookbook “The Rise” are made with Ayib: an Ethiopian fresh cheese (similar to ricotta or cottage cheese) that’s creamy, delicious, and easy to make at home. Hit the link in our bio for the recipe. ⁠ ...

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    Quinta, the soft-ripened beauty from @pointreyescheese, has a distinct flavor that reflects the terroir of Northern California, and a name that pays tribute to the creamery’s global legacy. Hit the link in our bio to read our Spotlight piece on this new wheel. ⁠
    ✍️: @monica.x⁠
    📸: @pointreyescheese

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    What is it about stinky washed rinds (like this stunning Coppinger) that makes them the most sought-after style of cheese nerds around the world? For our Innovation issue, @linnikral uncovered the long history of this style and the renaissance it underwent when it finally caught on stateside. Full story in bio.⁠
    📸: @nicole_wolf_photography @vseder

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    It may still be winter, but we're looking forward to sunny days ahead and charcuterie picnics with friends. What's your favorite part about spring?⁠
    📸 re-post: @noblespringsdairy

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    For when you’re craving ultra umami flavors: this Comté and kimchi grilled cheese is the fuss-free fix that'll warm you up from the outside in. Recipe in bio.⁠
    ✍️ + 📸: @jaqbotto⁠

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    Cheesemonger Invitational winner and modern day renaissance woman @_immortalmilk talked to us about taking home the trophy, her mood-board cheese plates, and her tarot reading for the future of the cheese industry in our latest issue. Read the full Q+A via the link in our bio. ⁠
    ✍️: @linnikral
    📸: @native.delirium

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    We might be a ways away from summer weather, but we can conjure that beach-day vibe from home with the right spread of tropical fruits. See how we paired cheese with guava, passion fruit, and more via the link in our bio.⁠
    ✍️ + 📸: @lori_rice⁠

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    Drop everything: Our first-ever Innovation issue is here! We’re tasting artisan vegan cheese, learning about spiritual Ethiopian cuisine from @marcuscooks, diving into the history of American washed rinds, and more. Head to the link in our bio to take a peek at what's in store. ⁠
    📸: @nicole_wolf_photography @vseder

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    This smoked cheddar mac and cheese recipe is a delicious way to repurpose leftover meat you might have lying around (or a great excuse to make some fresh). Full recipe in bio.⁠
    ✍️: @chef_cassy⁠
    📸: @jennsilverberg

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    Friendly reminder that there are RULES when it comes to bringing home a wedge of cheese and treating it right. Hit the link in our bio for 5 tips on storing and enjoying cheese at home.⁠
    ✍️: @kate.arding @gianaclis @mollyhmcd⁠
    👨‍🎨: @tombingstagram

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    It's Saturday and Valentine's Eve—it's time to break out a hearty wedge of cheese and a generous pour of wine to celebrate. Hit the link in our bio for guidance on pairing natural curds and vinos to keep the evening simple.⁠
    ✍️ + 📸: @madstrap

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