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  • It’s that cozy time of year again, when all we want to do is snuggle up by the fire with a good (cheese-filled) book. Head to the link in our bio to read about the new cheesy reads and cookbooks we’re digging into this season.⁠
    ✍️: @monica.x

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    PSA: Foragers say wild mushrooms pack the most flavor in autumn (AKA right now). If you’ve got an influx of mushrooms in your pantry—be it maitake, oyster, or shiitake—we recommend enjoying them in cheesy recipes all season long. Enter these wildly delicious Mushroom, Crème Fraîche, and Chèvre Turnovers—perfect for autumn entertaining. Recipe in bio.⁠
    ✍️ + 📸: @christine.rudalevige

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    Like other blues, Stilton pairs beautifully with both sweet and savory flavor profiles. Its dense creamy texture crumbles into butter-like curds that can be enjoyed solo OR melted into a dish for a distinctive taste. ⁠
    Head to the link in our bio to see how we incorporated it into everything from gnocchi to tartlets to dark chocolate truffles.⁠
    ✍️ + 📸: @jaqbotto

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    Still thinking about Werner Lampert’s 2019 book, “The Cow: A Tribute,” and all of its majestic photos. Hit the link in bio for more snapshots of rare cattle from India, Colombia, and beyond.⁠
    📸: Werner Lampert

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    “Intergalactic is a wink at our American melting pot,” says @yoavperry—founder of @perrysteaddairy—to describe this stellar cube. One of the first cheeses to come from the Philly-based facility, Intergalactic borrows several global cheesemaking tactics, but the result is something completely unique. Head to the link in our bio to meet this out-of-this-world beauty.⁠
    ✍️: @monica.x⁠
    📸: @jaimephoto79

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    While fondue and raclette are obvious choices for entertaining, there are plenty of non-meltable cheeses that you can throw on the grill and are perfectly suited to dinner parties. Head to the link in our bio for the low-down on grilling cheeses (like this gorgeous halloumi) and how to incorporate them into your next BBQ.⁠
    📸: @nicole_wolf_photography

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    If a time machine dropped you into a party in 1957 American suburbia, what might you see? Perhaps a spread of gelatin delights, processed meats, and lots of dishes centered around cheese (and pseudo-cheese). Some of those trends seem questionable today, but others are worth a second look, albeit with some better cheese.⁠
    Head to the link in our bio to browse our nostalgic spread and get inspo for bringing back the '50s...and making them better.⁠
    ✍️: @feeddogproductions⁠
    📸: @adamdetour @kendraelizabethstylist

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    “We saw an opportunity with a mixed-milk cheese to come up with a different format than anything else we do,” @jasperhillfarm's Mateo Kehler said about Eligo, our latest issue's Centerfold. This dreamy washed rind brick is made with local cow’s and goat’s milk, resulting in a mouthwatering profile that's buttery and smooth with a hint of funk. More on this via the link in our bio.⁠
    ✍️: @susanspoon⁠
    📸: @adamdetour @kendraelizabethstylist

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    Jessica Fernández wears a lot of hats in the cheese world: She’s head cheesemonger at @lactography in Mexico City, a World Cheese Awards judge, board member of the @cheeseculturecoalition, and co-founder of @mexicanmongers. ⁠
    She chatted with us about keeping up with her many roles, her favorite American wheels, five things she thinks every cheese professional should know, and more. Read the article via the link in our bio.⁠
    ✍️: @linnikral

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    Light the fireplace, gather your cheeseboards, and pour the wine: Our end-of-year Entertaining issue is officially here! Explore the French apéro tradition, get a taste of quesabirria tacos, experiment with grilling cheeses, and more. ⁠
    Head to our website now via the link in our bio to binge-read every article and get in the holiday entertaining spirit. 🧀🥂⁠
    📸: @adamdetour @kendraelizabethstylist⁠
    Cheese provided by @formaggiokitchen

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    Our official weekend mood.⁠
    What's on your Sunday cheese plate? ⬇️⁠
    📸 re-post: @wolfgang2242

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    Quinta, @pointreyescheese's first-ever soft-ripened cheese, is a spoonable wheel with dried bay leaves and a distinct flavor that reflects the terroir of Northern California. Head to the link in our bio to read all about this unique cheese's origin story and tasting notes.⁠
    ✍️: @monica.x⁠
    📸: @pointreyescheese

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    Stuck in a breakfast rut? Upgrade your everyday bagel by swapping plain cream cheese for some whipped feta, sweet honey, and crunchy walnuts to make the most important meal of the day even better. Full recipe in bio.⁠
    ✍️: @polina.chesnakova⁠
    📸: @michaelpiazza @kendraelizabethstylist⁠

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    Contemplating what to make for dinner tonight? Whip up these crispy chicken thighs in a gouda mustard sauce with a side of rice or egg noodles for a comfort meal that'll satisfy the whole fam. Recipe in bio.⁠
    ✍️ + 📸: @jaqbotto

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    “The thing that I hear so often beyond ‘legend,’ ‘icon,’ etc. is that she was a friend to everybody,” says Culture founder @stephanieskinner197 of the sudden tragic loss of cheese industry trailblazer Anne Saxelby. “It’s heartbreaking to lose someone like this because she was one of the superstars that everyone recognized as being a superstar. It leaves a huge void.”

    Head to the link in our bio to read about how fellow industry members and friends are remembering the profound impact Anne has made on the American artisan cheese community.

    ✍️: @susanspoon
    📸: @saxelbycheese

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    Everything Bagel Chabis, the newest flavor to come from @laurachenel's line of soft and pillowy fresh goat cheese, is the perfect addition to your breakfast and brunch spreads. Next time you're entertaining, we recommend enjoying it on a few crunchy crostini, each topped with a slice of smoked salmon and fresh herbs for a classic bite that's pleasantly familiar with a tangy twist.
    Link in bio for more on this crave-worthy new chèvre. 

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    Our Entertaining issue launch is just a week away! While you wait to binge-read it all online, make sure you have the right snacks (i.e. all the issue's featured wheels and wedges) on hand to get the full experience. 🧀 Head to the link in our bio to browse and buy it all via Culture's personal shop at @gourmetdashcheese! ...

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    Changing our Sunday settings to Do Not Disturb. 💤⁠
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    It’s #NationalMoldyCheeseDay and we’ll be celebrating with some gooey Gorgonzola Dolce DOP (possibly straight off the spoon).⁠
    What’s your favorite moldy cheese of all time? ⬇⁠
    📸: @adamdetour @catrinekelty

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