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    "I'd like to cozy up by my backyard fire pit with a board of these exceptional cheeses from Wisconsin. The selection from Your Maker Direct includes Pleasant Ridge Reserve (America's "winningest" cheese), Deer Creek 7-year-old Cheddar, Marieke Foenogreek Gouda and La Clare's Evalon, paired with Potter's crackers and quince and apple jam. Add sliced apples and pears plus a glass of local cider to complete the autumnal flavor experience!" — Susan Sherrill Axelrod

  • Happy Thanksgiving all! Make sure to go all out today: Eat that extra scoop of stuffing, put on your stretchy pants, and enjoy your pie course with some cheese pairings (more on that via the link in our bio). Cheers! 🥂⁠
    ✍️: @buttina⁠
    📸: @beryl_striewski

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    Chef Fortunato Nicotra has cooked for two popes, earned two Michelin stars, and ran the kitchen at Lidia Bastianich's Felidia for 24 years—but his name still remains largely unknown by the general public. Hit the link in our bio to read about this chef's rise to behind-the-scenes success, his timeless cheesy recipes, and some of his favorite American wedges. ⁠
    ✍️: @susanspoon⁠
    📸: @michaelkarasphoto

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    Hearken back to the greenery of summer by topping your favorite pasta dish—and everything else—with this bright and cheerful fava bean and #PecorinoRomanoPDO pesto. Recipe in bio. #sponsored by @3pecorinicheese

    DID YOU KNOW: Pecorino Romano PDO is a hard cheese made with 100% fresh, full-fat sheep’s milk obtained straight from the source: sheep farms comprised of 95% Sarda breed sheep. All herds are bred in a geographical production area limited to the regions of Sardinia, Lazio, and the Grosseto province in Tuscany. The compact cheese's crust is thin with a light ivory to straw-yellow color. The taste is aromatic, and ranges from a slightly sharp table cheese to an intensely sharp grating cheese. 
    #ExtraordinarySheep #ExtraordinaryCheese

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    Sunday snuggles 🐐🧡⁠
    📸 re-post: @goatsofanarchy

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    When asked to name her creamery’s favorite cheese, @sweetgrassdairy co-owner Jessica Little says it’s like asking her to choose a favorite child...and we relate. But if you HAD to pick, what would be your all-time favorite wheel? Comment below!⁠
    📸: @andrewthomaslee

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    Blue cheese and red wine go together like peanut butter and jelly—rich and savory meets rich and juicy. Mulling your wine with spices and citrus will tease out the tanginess in @LitehouseFoods Simply Artisan Blue Cheese Crumbles. Details in bio. #bluecheese #litehousefoods #litehousesimplyartisan ...

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    Whether you’re browsing for a friend or shopping for yourself, there’s no better gift than a good read. We’re especially loving these newly-released books—covering everything from curd-filled recipes to cheese knowledge. Full article in bio. ...

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    It’s been a tough year—don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have a dessert-filled cheese plate before dinner. Click the link in our bio for @feeddogproduction’s wise words on pairing dairy with decadence in 2020.⁠
    📸: @adamdetour @catrinekelty

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    'Tis the season for our Winter issue launch! ❄️ This year, we’re exploring the world of Middle Eastern cheese pastries, global holiday drinks, the secret to a good cheesecake, and plenty more. Click the link in our bio to grab an issue or two (the perfect holiday gift!) now 🧀🎁⁠
    📸 @adamdetour @catrinekelty

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    It’s savory, sweet, refreshing, and juicy—in other words, this grilled fruit salad with #FioreSardoPDO is a fool-proof crowd-pleaser. Plus, it gives fall apples a tasty destination! #sponsored by @3pecorinicheese
    DID YOU KNOW: The name “Fiore Sardo” is said to derive either from the use of a coagulant obtained from a flower (most likely the thistle), or from the use of wooden stamps engraved with a flower that until recent times served to distinguish and decorate the cheese.
    #ExtraordinarySheep #ExtraordinaryCheese

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    Is it too soon to start getting excited about snow (especially when it comes to adorable farm animal photos)? Asking for a friend. ⁠
    📸 re-post: @iowafarmsanctuary

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    Saturday calls for brunch. Why not go all out this weekend? These maple-mascarpone doughnuts are perfect with a cup of coffee on a chilly autumn morning. Recipe in bio.⁠
    ✍️: @missleighb⁠
    📸: @armandorafaelphotography @leslieorlandini

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    Who needs cake when you can end a meal with cheese? This plate of Roquefort and wine-poached prunes brings an elegant-yet-simple vibe to your dessert course. Recipe in bio. ⁠
    ✍️+📸: @pastryschiff

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    Comfort food season is the perfect time to dip your toes into the world of cultured butter. Spread it on toast, toss it into pasta, lick it off the spoon—there are no rules! Hit the link in our bio to read all about this decadent dairy.⁠
    ✍️: @madstrap⁠
    📸: @hollyrike

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    Love Humboldt Fog from @cypressgrovers? Can't get enough of truffles? Have we got the cheese for you. #TruffleTremor is a soft-ripened goat cheese dotted with black Italian summer truffles, perfect on its own or with sweet accompaniments. See how nicely it plays with honey and citrus in this recipe at the link in our bio. #CypressGrove ...

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    Having a low-key holiday celebration at home doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on the good stuff—like appropriate wine pairings. Hit the link in our bio for 5 versatile wines to keep on hand and how to pair them with cheese. ⁠
    📸 re-post: @real_simple

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    Blessing your feed with a handful of joy on this Sunday morning. ☀️🐐⁠
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