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How to Make the Perfect Grilled Cheese (with GIFs)

Melty grilled cheese

We’ve written about cheesy gifs before: they’re a sure-fire way to get that tummy rumbling. But how about using them for educational purposes?

That’s just what First We Feast did with their gif tutorial for a perfect grilled cheese sandwich. The instructions are clear, and the gifs make it easy to do a quick reference. One of their secrets? Use three cheeses: a base cheese, an über melty cheese, and a flavorful cheese for an extra pop. And how about achieving that perfect, super crispy crust? “The chef employs a nifty trick to compress the sandwich and get the exterior evenly browned: Once the grilled cheese is in the pan, she presses down on the top of it with another skillet.”

Click on through to find the full set of instructions. Our tip? Add a few additions for a serious flavor punch. Peppers and bacon make for a deliciously smoky Southwestern grilley. Add rapini to fontina for a healthier sandwich, or add maple-carmalized apples to Gruyère for a salty-sweet combo. Grilled cheese never looked so good!

Gif from The Berry

Gif from The Berry

Photo by First We Feast

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