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Chardonnay Truffle

BonCas Dairy
2.5 ins diameter, 1.5 ins high
6 oz
Mold Ripened

Chardonnay Truffle is made by Ueli Moser at his BonCas dairy in Dotzigen, a small village in the western part of Switzerland known as Lake Land.

Moser comes from a cheese maker family. His father produced a variety of Swiss classic hard and semi hard cheeses such as Tilsiter and Emmentaler in the Thurgau region.

Upon completion of his cheesemaking apprenticeship, Moser moved to France where he worked - and fell in love - with the French soft ripened cheeses there.  After his return to Switzerland, he bought the dairy in Dotzigen and for several years divided his time and labor between his father’s business, where he made classic Swiss cheeses and his new venture where he produced only soft cheeses.

Quintessentially, Moser is an excellent cheesemaker who is also a good businessman.  His facility is modern, efficient and streamlined and the cheeses he makes are reliably consistent.  As such, he has positioned his business to supply larger customers such as grocery store chains as well as smaller independent stores.

Moser works exclusively with cow’s milk sourced from larger milk co-operatives.  With the exception of his Crublanc which is made from raw milk, all Moser’s products pasteurized.   

For production of the Chardonnay Truffle, after the cheeses are allowed to drain and removed from their forms, they’re allowed to soak overnight in organically produced Chardonnay.  This bath is not intended to impart a wine flavor to the cheese, but simply to let the cheese absorb yeasts that later help to form a specific kind of rind.

After the bath, the cheeses are moved to an aging room for two weeks.  At this point, before each round of cheese is sliced horizontally by hand hand and filled with a layer of Mascarpone together with shavings of French black truffles.  No oil or flavor enhancer is used.


Tasting Notes

With a gently undulating, ivory colored rind, Chardonnay Truffle has a soft, yielding texture. The interior paste is bisected by a layer of mascarpone and shaved black truffle.

Flavors are extremely rich and lactic, balanced with the aromatic notes of truffle.


Good wine pairings would be a dry sparkling white wine or Champagne.

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