Shepherd's Hope

Shepherd's Way Farms
United States
8 ins diameter, 3 ins high
3-4 lbs
Semi Soft

Located in south eastern Minnesota, Shepherd's Way Farms is owned by Steven Read & Judi Ohlsen. Together with their four sons, Steven and Judy have worked tirelessly to develop the farm as a sheep dairy and cheesemaking operation, producing their first cheese, Friesago, in 1998.

Other cheeses have also followed: Queso Fresco de Oveja, and Big Woods Blue, together with Hidden Falls, Harmand, and a traditional Ricotta that are available on a limited basis.

The sheep at Shepherd's Way are almost entirely Friesian crosses and are rotationally grazed on home pasture.

Against this backdrop, in January of 2005 the Read family suffered a devastating tragedy when a large-scale fire destroyed two barns containing two thirds of their 550 milking ewe flock, and their entire crop of 200 new lambs.

Rather than giving up, the Reads decided to try and rebuild their lives and their business, which they are now doing with the help of friends and supporters. They are utterly committed to the project and are now in a position where they are able to produce their cheeses once more.

In 2007, Jodi was able to re-commence cheesemaking and they are starting to sell more cheese as it becomes available.

Made from pasteurized milk and originally based on a traditional queso fresco recipe for cow milk, Shepherd's Hope is a slightly firmer but still soft, fresh cheese. It is produced in either plain or garlic & herb versions.

for production, the curd is stirred by hand before being transferred into molds or hoops and allowed to drain under its own weight. This allows the cheese to retain much of its moisture.

Designed to be eaten as soon as it is out of the press, Shepherd's Hope has fresh, light, milky flavors and a semi soft texture.

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