Burwash Rose

United Kingdom
East Sussex
5 in diameter (small) & 9 ins diameter (large)
1 lb (small) & 2 lbs (large)
Traditional Cheese Dairy Company
Semi Soft

Owned and operated by Cliff and Julie Dyball who purchased the dairy in 2002 after careers in finance and insurance, Traditional Cheese Dairy focuses on making hand-made raw milk cheeses. Located in the village of Stonegate in East Sussex, UK, the dairy produces cheeses made from the cow, sheep and goat’s milk of local single herd family farms. The five tons of cheese made at the dairy every month is sold at local farmer’s markets as well as stores throughout England. Recently, they have started to export to the United States and Canada.

Burwash Rose is a semi-soft cheese that’s been developed by Cliff and Julie over several years, and is inspired by the types of cheeses that were made by monks in British monasteries many centuries ago. It’s made from the raw milk of grass-fed Frisian cows from nearby Lullings Farm. As the cheese ages over 8 weeks, the Dyhalls wash its rind in English rosewater. The result is a bright orange and sticky rind with a distinctive floral-scented aroma.

Tasting Notes

Texture is delicate, creamy and silky. Flavor is rich and full with buttery flavors and a build-up of rose floral notes.


The Dyhalls suggest serving Burwash Rose with Chilli Jam and Sourdough and point out that it’s fabulous baked in the oven. For drink pairings, try a Gewurtztraminer, a Reisling, a robust red or a dark beer.

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