Homemade cottage cheese surrounded by fresh strawberries and sliced apricots Two burrata filled with homemade butter on a blue patterned plate with a fresh thyme garnish

Beautiful Homemade Burrata

If you’ve made mozzarella and want a fun new challenge, try our fast and easy approach to making everybody’s favorite filled mozzarella pillows: burrata

A black-and-white spotted Nigerian Dwarf goat looks though a wire fence with a brown-coated buddy, while a white-colored goat looks over its shoulder at the camera. Fromage Fort on a salted cracker homemade creme fraiche piled onto raspberries and blackberries homemade cheese curds closeup shot

Homemade Squeaky Cheese Curds

For many people, dipping into a bag of fresh, still-squeaking cheese curds is the epitome of turophile heaven—akin to the euphoria of noshing a hot-from-the-fryer Krispy Kreme doughnut

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