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Beer, Grilled Cheese…and Laundry?


Have you ever gotten bored waiting for the washing machine to finish up at the laundromat, and thought, man, I could go for a beer and a sandwich right now. Well, you might want to take your business to New York City’s Wash House, a  laundromat-cafe-bar hybrid that also offers gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Chowing down on a grilly and sipping a brew while waiting for the spin cycle to complete? Laundry day doesn’t sound so bad anymore.

The Wash House, the first laundromat-bistro of its kind in Manhattan, features local wood flooring and mirrors from an Upstate New York estate. It’s one of several new boutique-style businesses around the country offering food and laundry under one roof.

These hybrids are a contemporary spin on Duds ‘n Suds, a national laundry chain popular in the ’80s that featured beer and big-screen TVs. But these come with a local touch and inexpensive fine food.

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