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Camel Milk Now Available for Purchase in US


CrossFit, camels, and the Amish community — perhaps not three things you’d imagine coming together, but indeed they have, thanks to Desert Farms. The company is the first to offer both raw and pasteurized camel milk to consumers in the United States. Desert Farms’s founder was inspired by the energy camel milk provided for his CrossFit sessions, as well as its great taste, and was determined to bring it back to the US. He found a natural partner in the hard-working, humble Amish farming community of the Midwest, and now fresh camel milk is available to US consumers across the country. We’re ready to try some!

Desert Farms® is now bringing these rural farm families’ products to eager consumers in California and other states. “It’s exciting to bridge gaps between communities that are far apart,” he says. Small start-up companies like Desert Farms can offer real value to customers who care about what’s in and behind their products.

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Photo by Desert Farms

Becca Haley-Park

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