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How to Make Sweetened Condensed Milk at Home


Mmm, thick, creamy sweetened condensed milk. Have you forgone the processed stuff in the can, but dream of Vietnamese coffee and frosted toast? Never fear, the clever folks at Food52 are offering up a recipe for homemade sweetened condensed milk. And yes, it’s easy! Find out how to do it below.

You can use this sweetened condensed milk in almost anything. It might seem like condensed milk is used almost exclusively in baking, but my favorite uses are fairly simple. I especially like stirring a bit into my coffee in the morning for a quick and easy take on Vietnamese cafe sua da. (Instead of adding two things — sugar and milk — to my coffee, I only need to add one! Anything that makes my mornings a little smoother is a bonus.) And of course, condensed milk is excellent on a thick, fluffy slice of buttered golden toast.

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Photo by Stephanie Le

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