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Yogurt Wars: Chobani Founder Is Accused of Stealing Recipe From Fage


The founder of Chobani has been in and out of court with his ex-wife since 2012, as she is claiming to own a chunk of the Greek yogurt empire. Things recently got very ugly when she accused him of paying off a former Fage employee for Fage’s yogurt recipe. Ouch. Chobani is currently #1 in the US Greek yogurt market, with over a billion dollars in sales last year alone.

And so today, in a new court filing, she busted out enough accusations to sustain at least two and a half episodes of Scandal. The most salacious: She says that Ulukaya flew to Europe and paid an employee of rival Fage 30,000 euros for the company’s yogurt recipe.

That’s a pretty bold claim! But I guess that’s the just the high-stakes world of Greek yogurt.

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