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Gadgets: Swissmar Cheese Holder


There are seemingly endless gadgets to assist in enjoying a slice of cheese. This stainless steel cheese holder from Swissmar is designed to grip a hunk of cheese without breaking it (as can often happen with knives, toothpicks, or forks) while you slice a piece off for yourself. Necessary? Probably not. Courteous to have when throwing a big party with a slice-it-yourself cheeseboard? Definitely. See the product review on Serious Eats below.

It’s not a big deal to touch a hunk of cheese with your (clean) bare hands if you’re making grilled cheese sandwiches for the family, right? But if you’re serving guests or have a cheese board set up where guests can slice cheese for self-serve, they might be happier not to have everyone’s fingerprints all over every wheel and brick of cheese on the board.

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Photo by Swissmar

Becca Haley-Park

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Rebecca Haley-Park is an assistant editor for culture: the word on cheese, and is responsible for all the delicious content on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. When not writing for the magazine you can find her creating cocktail recipes and pairing them with cheese.

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