Autumn 2014 Montchevre cheese giveaway

win-button-250x250 a goat cheese feast from Montchevré!


Enter our autumn giveaway, and you could be one of two readers to win an assortment of award-winning, hand-crafted goat cheese. Made in a variety of flavors and styles, Montchevré’s cheeses are perfect for holiday entertaining.

Winners of the autumn giveaway will receive:

  • 11-oz. Bucheron
  • 5-oz. Grande Truffière (Soft-Ripened Truffle Goat Cheese)
  • 4.4-oz. Mini Cabrie (Soft-Ripened Goat’s Milk Brie)
  • 4-oz. Fresh Goat Cheese Log
  • 4-oz. Cranberry Cinnamon Fresh Goat Cheese Log
  • 4-oz. Honey Fresh Goat Cheese Log
  • 4-oz. Four Pepper Fresh Goat Cheese Log
  • 4-oz. Garlic & Herb Fresh Goat Cheese Log
  • 4-oz. Blueberry Vanilla Fresh Goat Cheese Log
  • 4-oz. Truffle Fresh Goat Cheese Log
  • 4-oz. Original Crumbled Goat Cheese
  • 4-oz. Onion Basil Crumbled Goat Cheese
  • 4-oz. Candied Cranberry Crumbled Goat Cheese


A Montchevré insulated tote bag for all your cheesy goodies.

Enter your information for our October 30, 2014 random drawing
No purchase necessary. You must be a resident of the US or have a US mailing address to win.

66 thoughts on “giveaway”

  1. Debra Gow says:

    How do you say “great giveaway”? Just ask Culture Mag. This looks like the best way to enjoy food & friends!

  2. Katherine says:

    I would love to host a tasting party with all this delicious goat cheese! Fingers crossed!

  3. MARY STOTT says:

    Love cheese.

  4. AJ Sharpton III says:

    There all my favorite kinds of cheese – but goat cheese is my MOST favorite,,,!

  5. Pamm says:

    My mouth is watering!! I always (most or often, anyway!) say, “I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like!”
    Your ensemble looks mighty fine! I hope I win! Where would I have a picnic with those scrumptious cheeses?!!

  6. Jackie says:

    Yum yum ! Miam miam !

  7. Audrey Sherrill says:

    My mouth is watering just thinking about all those cheese!

  8. I’d love to host my own cheese tasting!!!! I love making cheese at home with my fresh goat milk!! Thanks for the give-away!!

  9. Reuven says:

    Holy Goat Batman!!

  10. Helene Korchin says:

    I hope I WIN

  11. Laurie says:

    Great giveaway. My family loves goat cheese!

  12. Pat Greenleaf says:

    Thank you, Culture for introducing us to new cheese. That looks like a very tasty Giveaway.

  13. Vicki Ponichtera says:

    I would SOOOO love to win the goat cheese feast from Montchevré!! Fingers crossed. :-)


    Cheese, beautiful cheese. Am a BIG fan of all cheese but especially love chevre. and all cheeses goat.

  15. Oh please ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease let me win. Yum, and thank you!!

  16. Jennifer Jo says:

    Loving the thought of immersing my life with this yummy goat goodness!!

  17. Donna Currie says:

    Wowza. I’d have way too much fun with all of that!

  18. You had me at Bucheron xo

  19. Beth Welsh says:


  20. Stacie Clary says:

    I see some good pairings with beer.

  21. crazycatlady58 says:

    I would love to win this prize!

  22. DJ Hrabe says:

    Hrabe house rule… there can never be too much cheese!

  23. Randi Snader says:

    Love, love, love cheese!

  24. Carla Scharber says:

    This ensemble of crackers and cheeses are the beginning of a perfect get-together!

  25. teri says:

    What a wonderful opportunity! It would be such a special treat!!

  26. Love cheese / love my goats!

  27. MARY STOTT says:


  28. Jennifer Essad says:

    nice grouping, I’d invite friends over for an evening on the patio and serve- thank you

  29. susitravl says:

    What a great prize! I love cheese! :)

  30. Such a sumptuous giveaway! Perfect for a picnic at the beach or to tuck away to enjoy after an early morning hike! Happy Summer!

  31. Helene Korchin says:

    I love cheese all the time anywhere outdoors or in. This prize would make my family very happy.

  32. Mary says:

    Looks delish!

  33. heather s. says:

    oh man! that’s a weekend, right there!

  34. Kathi Higgins says:

    Would love to try your cheeses! Thank you for the opportunity!

  35. Lee Anderson says:

    Cheese and pasta go together like Jeneee and Forest

  36. Beth Welsh says:

    Pasta and cheese the best pair! I’d eat it!

  37. Maria Peterson says:

    Upon winning & delivery acceptance, I would put together some dishes that included both beers & these cheese. My two most favorite ingredients!

  38. Gary says:

    My mouth is watering so much I can hardly type

  39. VLC says:

    I just started a job working in the cheese department of a high-end grocer. While I love cheese and I know more than the average person, I need to definitely hone my skills about the world of cheese.

    1. cheesemaster says:

      Hi VLC! If you’re new to the world of cheesemongering, be sure to sign up for our Cheese Heads Up newsletter. It’s a must read for cheese professionals! http://culturecheesemag.com/newsletters

  40. Jerry says:

    My husband really wants this.

  41. Daniel Dias says:

    That basket looks incredible! I would share it with my large family and group of friends.. and keep on spreading the word on “Culture” to everyone that I know!

  42. susan says:

    What a lovely samplee!

  43. Lisa G. says:

    if I win, I promise I will share it…

  44. angela beard says:

    Lovely assortment.. I have some great california wine and cheese to pair it with.

  45. Carla Scharber says:

    YUM! We would love to win this and have a “Culture” get-together with friends and family! :)

  46. Bonnie K. says:

    This basket of goodies is to die for–love the selection. I could go on a picnic with my husband.

  47. Jade says:

    :/ was so excited until it said you had to be american. I might have payed the extra shipping.

  48. Daphne says:

    Wonderful giveaway so many yummies

  49. crazycatlady58 says:

    I would love to win this it what a great giveway!

  50. Shelly Allmann says:

    Add some wine & some Sartori BellaVitano… the perfect accompaniment for our ladie’s weekend!

  51. Julia Goytisolo says:

    In catalan language we say nyam-nyam. I hope I will win this prize for sure because I’m a catalan rabbit.

  52. I would love this for a picnic lunch!

  53. Audrey Sherrill says:

    My mouth is already watering. Mousse Truffee sounds delicious.

  54. Mark Gramaglia says:

    Now I can put cheese on the cracker! LOL

  55. Vicki Ponichtera says:

    What a wonderful prize package!! I’d love to win this!!

  56. SICA says:

    This would be perfect for my friend L!

  57. An amazing magazine with great recipes. Hope to win so I can serve these goodies at our cheese workshop in May

  58. Love your magazine and recipes. Plan to have a cheese workshop in May and wouldn’t it be great to serve these delicious patte’ and accompaniments.

  59. Liz says:

    Wow! What a yummy looking basket.

  60. Naomi Reeves says:

    I have purchased and then subscribed to the magazine since it’s inception. Absolutely love it! Thanks for all the great articles and recipes.

  61. Melissa Weatherford says:

    This looks amazing!

  62. Karen Carr says:

    Just found your mag at The Cheese Shop in Sarasota. Love it!

  63. This ultimate pate prize looks pretty dang tasty!
    I hope I win.

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