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Where Can I Find Blu di Bufala

Blu di Bufala from cheese library

Qgreen_40px I’ve purchased this (Bufala Gorgonzola) cheese at a local store a week ago. Everyone loved it at home. I later wanted to find it on the Internet but could not. The store told me that this cheese is “new” and hence they don’t have it elsewhere, how is that possible?

Agreen I’m thinking that the cheese in question could be Blu di Bufala, made by Quattro Portoni in Italy.  In fact, culture just did a large feature on them in the Spring 2011 issue, written by Janet Fletcher.

The cheese is not really a Gorgonzola, but it is a blue cheese made from Buffalo milk and, as you rightly say, these are very unusual.  In fact, I don’t know of any others currently in production.  The other thing that makes me think there is no actual Gorgonzola made from Buffalo milk is that there are very strict rules surrounding the production of Gorgonzola, which state that it must be made from cow’s milk, according to tradition.

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