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Kate Arding is an independent dairy consultant specializing in small-scale cheese production and an original co-founder of culture: the word on cheese. A native of Britain, Kate has worked in the farmhouse cheese industry for 18 years, first as wholesale manager for Neal's Yard Dairy in London and later helping establish Cowgirl Creamery and Tomales Bay Foods in California. Since 2003 Kate has worked extensively both in the United States and overseas as an independent consultant, specializing in affinage, sales and marketing, and helping small-scale cheesemakers adapt to changing market demands.

How to Cut Cheese

If you promised to bring a cheese board to your next dinner party, don’t panic! We have some tricks of the trade to make you look like a cheese pro.

Garrotxa cheese

Cheese IQ: All the Lingo You Need to Know

Cheese names (especially those in a foreign language) can be intimidating when you’re at the cheese counter. Here’s a handy pronunciation guide to help!

Crack the Case

Treat your cheese right and it’ll love you right back

Sister Act: Fromage a Trois

Meet our summer centerfold cheese: Fromage a Trois. Three sibling New York sheep’s milk cheeses – each cut from the same curd, but aged in different ways

Kate’s Grilley

This recipe, from Sue Conley and Peggy Smith’s Cowgirl Creamery Cooks cookbook, was inspired by culture co-founder Kate Arding

Blu di Bufala from cheese library

Where Can I Find Blu di Bufala?

Cheese Expert Kate Arding answers the question: What is Blu di Bufala cheese and how do I find it?

Village in Loire Valley of France

How Can I Visit Cheesemakers in France?

How do I find cheeses and cheesemakers in the Loire Valley?

Milk being poured from milk bottle into drinking glass

Why Is Cheese Made from Raw or Pasteurized Milk?

The differences between raw milk cheese and pasteurized milk cheese are laid out by cheesemonger Kate Arding.