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How does annatto change cheese?

Ever wonder why some cheeses are orange? For many, it’s because of anatto. But how does annato change cheese?

Meet The French Cheesemaker Making Goat Cheese in Soligny-la-Trappe

Explore the process of creating supple and creamy lactic cheeses.

From Great Depression to Got Milk: Untangling the History of Government Cheese

Popular “Don’t Be A Tourist” blogger Messy Nessy has plunged into the history of the United States government cheese program which dates back to the Great Depression as part of the New Deal. The program, aimed at aiding struggling farmers and providing food assistance to low-income individuals, purchased surplus dairy products—particularly cheese—to stabilize agricultural prices […]

Cheese Styles: Traditional Swiss

In Switzerland, traditional cheesemaking serves many functions. Without the low-intensity, seasonal cow grazing that helps to regenerate and maintain them, these grasslands—hotspots of biodiversity— would begin to disappear.

Cheese Styles: American Cheddar

Before the 20th century advent of processed cheese food known as “American cheese,” cheddar was the national standard.

Cheese Styles: Blue

Centuries ago, blue cheeses were probably all mistakes. Modern cheesemakers prefer consistency and control, so they inoculate the milk or curds with the mold of their choosing.

Cheese Styles: Pecorino

As a class, pecorinos are relatively simple cheeses to make. Many recipes have changed little since Roman times.

Cheese Styles: French Goat

Photographed by Molly McDonough While giant cow’s milk wheels have taken center stage throughout history as the Savoie region’s most iconic cheeses, goat’s milk cheese has always been there, too, ducking the spotlight. Now, Savoyard goat cheese is coming into its own. A growing number of creative producers are turning out the firm and flavor-rich […]