An Awassi amb stands in the foreground of a barren plain, with an adult sheep seen grazing farther away. A black-and-white spotted Nigerian Dwarf goat looks though a wire fence with a brown-coated buddy, while a white-colored goat looks over its shoulder at the camera. A solitary Holstein cow climbs a grassy hill in late afternoon. A dark-brown Murciana goat with sizeable udders. A small herd of Friesian sheep stand sheltered beneath a drooping tree in a lush meadow. A herd of dark brown water buffalo trot across a field. A Border Collie rounds up some sheep in an open pasture. An illustration of a Randall cow, noting its colorsided lineback coat, curved horns, dark feet, and shapely udders. A herd of single-hump, dromedary camels walking across the desert.

Dromedary Cattle

This most archetypal of desert creatures possesses an elegant anatomy that exemplifies evolutionary adaptation to its harsh and unforgiving environment

A Lacaune ewe stands in a sunlit grassy meadow.

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