Quite a Sightly Place

Through photographs and 30 vignettes, nature photographer David Middleton chronicles the day-to-day life of a working dairy farm in Quite a Sightly Place: A Dairy Farm in Vermont (Commonwealth Editions, 2010; $30). Once a town of 50 dairy farms, Danby, Vermont, is now home to only four, one of which is operated by the Bromley family. Middleton […]

Tartine Bread

Tartine Bread (Chronicle Books, 2010; $40), by esteemed California baker Chad Robertson, is a very personal baking book. Beginning with the story of his quest for the bread of his dreams, Robertson introduces his readers to his method of breadbaking in meticulous detail. Beautiful photographs by Eric Wolfinger illustrate the steps to the recipes and give […]

The Art of Preserving

With the renaissance of local farm markets, seasonal produce, and backyard veggie patches across the country, now is the time to read up on the pleasures and benefits of learning to “put food by,” as our grannies called it. Canning, pickling, and preserving basics form the foundation of The Art of Preserving (Williams-Sonoma, 2010; $30) by Rick Field, […]

The Most Beautiful Wine Cellars in the World

For the wine devotee, The Most Beautiful Wine Cellars in the World (VdH Books, 2010) is an expansive volume that tours nearly 60 wine cellars in Europe, North America, Lebanon, and China, led by chef and sommelier Jurgen Lijcops. Richly textured, full-page photography gives a rare sense of having entered these hallowed caverns of the wine world, each […]

What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets

Ever wonder what a typical day of eating looks like for ordinary people around the world? Peter Menzel and Faith D’Alusio have, and the result is their new book What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets (Ten Speed Press, 2010; $40), which chronicles the couple’s three-year journey through 30 countries, capturing in words and photos […]

vibrant bright green kale crepes wraped around melted cheddar cheese and tomato salsa Baked scone dotted with cheddar cheese on a metallic plate with a butter knife Rustic winter galette tart with squash and onions on china plate bowl of winter coleslaw with yellow cheddar, red cabbage, and green onion Grilled sandwich with roasted bell pepper, cheese, lettuce, and tomato

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