Inmate carrying goats while wearing a prison jumpsuit at Skyline correctional Facility goat dairy in Colorado Skyline Correctional Center goat dairy honey dripping off a ricotta cheese topped baguette In the Charcuterie Spiced Lamb Terrine

Spiced Lamb Terrine

Lamb aficionados will delight in this boldly spiced terrine with chunks of poached lamb tongue and whole coriander seeds

dulce-de-leche-750x368 A chef mixes up a large aluminum tray filled with roast nuts. Getting High with Laura Werlin

Alpine cheeses: Getting high on Laura Werlin’s “Mountain Cheese and Wines” dinner

When I heard that Laura was doing a globally-focused “Mountain Cheese and Wines” dinner at The Little Nell hotel’s Element 47 restaurant in Aspen, I was thrilled. With the help of the Nell’s new wine director, Master Sommelier Carlton McCoy (at 29, the youngest to earn the distinction) and executive sous chef Mike Daley, a luscious alpine meal featuring esoteric cheese and wine came together. Last night, we gathered in a private room at the restaurant to learn more about the nature of mountain cheeses and experience the most unconventional pairings most of us had ever experienced.

Illustration of a hand holding a paint roller applying a rainbow of cheese-inspired colors Oil preserved vegetables in glass jars old fashioned silver milk jugs and pails stand on a table next to glass milk bottles

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