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Christine Burns Rudalevige has been a working journalist for 30 years and has considered cheese her favorite food group for even longer. Ten years ago, when she attended culinary school, one of her goals was to write for culture.

Hometown Milk, Homestead Cheese

High Lawn Farm, a Hundred-Year-Old Dairy, Finds New Success with Its Two-Year-Old Cheese Program

In Season: Carrots

The ubiquitous carrot, which is seemingly always in season in one variety or another, can be prepared with imagination in myriad ways.

DIY: Mexican Crema

Having a single jar of crema in your fridge will help you solve many of your condiment quandaries. Or you can just eat it with a spoon.

Destination Cheese: Curd-Centric Road Trips in Five States

To paraphrase Martha and the Vandellas (or Bruce Springsteen): Summer’s here and the time is right … to hit the road in search of curd. Because we wanted to explore some lesser-known cheese destinations, culture asked five writers to take us on a tour of their home states. Cheesemakers’ hours of operation may vary; be […]

Cheesy Road Trip: Western Massachusetts

The rural counties of western Massachusetts have a cheesemaking reputation of their own dating back to the Jeffersonian era.

In Season: Berries and Citrus

Sweet-tart berries and citrus fruits pair perfectly with each other and with the right cheese. Here’s how to pair all three.

Can Do: A Perfect Cheese Danish

A chèvre-cream cheese combo paired with cherries makes the ideal filling.

Cheese Plate: Artisan Vegan Cheeses

Here are six of the dozen vegan cheeses we tasted and can point to as flavorful, innovative, dairy-free additions to a cheese board.

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