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3 English Cheeses Everyone Should Know


The Daily Meal‘s Hooked on Cheese column is a favorite of ours, and this update features 3 English cheeses you might not be familiar with, but should definitely seek out. Oh, did we mention none of these are cheddars? There’s a stinky washed rind, a cheese inspired by the Canterbury Tales, and a parmesan-y sheep’s milk curd. Hungry yet? Jolly good!

Morn Dew is a washed rind Guernsey cow’s milk cheese, with a sticky (and slightly smelly) orange rind. But don’t let the aroma deter you. Aged two to three months, Morn Dew is richly flavored with bold fruity notes, and pairs perfectly with a strong, dark English beer. It takes its name from the Morning Dew that shimmers in the early dawn light on the meadows of the Mendip Hills surrounding the dairy; you can’t get more picturesque than that.

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Photo by Pete Humphries

Becca Haley-Park

Becca Haley-Park is culture's associate editor and resident stinky cheese cheerleader. A native New Englander, she now lives and works in Boston.

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