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Thief Stuffs Swiss Cheese Down His Pants


Cheese crime alert! Some people will do anything to get their cheese fix. Take, for example, Elijah Eason, a man from Pennsylvania who allegedly attempted to steal $200 worth of Swiss cheese by stuffing four logs of it in the legs of his pants! The logs, valued at $52-55 each, were swiped from a Giant Food Store in Muhlenberg Township and spotted by a store security officer, who said that Eason was “waddling when he walked.” Talk about a commitment to cheese.

When confronted by the security officer outside of the store, Eason replied with, “What cheese?” After being taken into custody, the suspect was linked to a similiar theft that occurred at a separate Giant Food Store location. 

Surprisingly, cheese theft is a more common occurrence than one might assume — in fact, it’s the most stolen food item in the world. And it’s on the rise, with a 6.6% increase of reported thefts compared to previous years. 

Please, everyone, if you love cheese, show the cheesemakers — by actually purchasing the product!

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