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Thief Stuffs Swiss Cheese Down His Pants

Cheese crime alert! Some people will do anything to get their cheese fix. Take, for example, Elijah Eason, a man from Pennsylvania who allegedly attempted to steal $200 worth of Swiss cheese by stuffing four logs of it in the legs of his pants! The logs, valued at $52-55 each, were swiped from a Giant Food Store in Muhlenberg Township and spotted by a store security officer, who said that Eason was “waddling when he walked.” Talk about a commitment to cheese.

When confronted by the security officer outside of the store, Eason replied with, “What cheese?” After being taken into custody, the suspect was linked to a similiar theft that occurred at a separate Giant Food Store location. 

Surprisingly, cheese theft is a more common occurrence than one might assume — in fact, it’s the most stolen food item in the world. And it’s on the rise, with a 6.6% increase of reported thefts compared to previous years. 

Please, everyone, if you love cheese, show the cheesemakers — by actually purchasing the product!

Erica Mixon

Erica Mixon is an editorial intern at Culture. Mixon is also the arts editor of Emerson College's student-run newspaper, the Berkeley Beacon, and editor in chief of an upcoming human resources blog, HRTalentManagement. While Erica is not editing or writing, she enjoys spending time in her hometown of Ogunquit, Maine.

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