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Bourbon Blackberry Smash

Bourbon Blackberry Smash
Serves 1
Fresh and sparkling, but still boasting a dark complexity, this Bourbon Blackberry Smash is the perfect end-of-summer drink. Let's toast to the changing seasons!
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  1. 1.5 ounces bourbon
  2. 6 - 8 freshly torn mint leaves
  3. Fever-Tree Sparkling Lemon
  4. Fresh blackberries
  5. Simple syrup, agave syrup, or maple syrup
  1. Muddle a small handful of blackberries with the mint leaves and syrup in the bottom of a rocks glass. Fill with ice.
  2. Add your bourbon, top with the mixer, and give it all a good swirl.
  3. Garnish with additional mint leaves if desired. Enjoy!
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Becca Haley-Park

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Rebecca Haley-Park is an assistant editor for culture: the word on cheese, and is responsible for all the delicious content on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. When not writing for the magazine you can find her creating cocktail recipes and pairing them with cheese.

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