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White Bean, Tomato, and TomaTruffle Toast

An elevated take on classic bruschetta featuring Point Reyes TomaTruffle cheese.

One Cheese Five Ways: Camembert

Take the iconic French wheel from the cheeseboard to the table Photographed by Jenny Bravo According to well-established legend, camembert was invented in 1791 by Marie Harel of Normandy, France. Harel was taught cheesemaking techniques by a priest from Brie, which perhaps accounts for the similarities between the two popular cheeses. However, the cheesemaking process […]

A Summer Slaw to Travel Wherever You Go

In the 2005 romantic comedy The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, four BFFs collectively purchase a single pair of jeans because they perfectly fit each young woman’s figure despite their varying shapes. They share the jeans via the mail when they are forced to spend a summer apart; the pants travel separately to Greece, Baja […]

In Season: A World of Melons

Look beyond honeydew and cantaloupe for more exciting flavors    My recent 100-kilometer walking pilgrimage along the Portuguese Camino in northwestern Spain from Vigo to Santiago de Compostela was fueled each morning by no fewer than three cured pork products (shoulder, loin, and spicy chorizo sausage); three regional raw cow’s milk cheeses named Arzùa-Ulloa, Queso […]

Chef’s Dish: Modern Japanese fare at Miami’s Kojin

Chef-owners Pedro and Katherine Mederos offer a sublime experience at their 10-seat hidden gem.

Blackberry, Fennel, and Fried Camembert Salad with White Balsamic Vinaigrette

This summer salad hits all the sensory notes and looks impressive, besides.

Fresh Fettuccine in Camembert Wheels with Creamy Confit Tomato Sauce

Homemade pasta is well worth the extra effort, but high-quality, store-bought fresh pasta can be substituted. A kitchen scale is needed for the pasta recipe.

Smash Burgers with Camembert and Caramelized Onion and Bacon Jam

Smashed burgers are an American icon because of the crispy sides. These burgers can be flattened to any desired thickness—thinner for more crisp and thicker for more juice.

Camembert Loaf with Fresh Summer Cherries

This savory and sweet cake would be delicious with any summer produce and can be served for breakfast or dessert.

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