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Mixed Berry French Chèvre Smoothie

Mixed Berry French Chèvre Smoothie
Yields 2
Nothing starts a day off like a smoothie from Goat Cheeses of France. And one with goat cheese packs a protein punch that will keep you going for hours.
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  1. 8 ounces strawberries (about 10)
  2. Water or juice
  3. 1 cup blueberries (½ pint)
  4. 4 ounces French fresh goat cheese
  1. Wash the berries. Place the strawberries in blender and puree them, adding a little water or juice as needed.
  2. Add the blueberries and French goat cheese and blend thoroughly. Pour into glasses and enjoy!
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Written by Culture Cheese

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Written by Goat Cheese of France

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