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Amy Scheuerman

Articles written by Amy Scheuerman

Amy Scheuerman culture's web director and associated editor for culture's special issue publications. She spent eight years in North Carolina where she developed a love of barbecue and biscuits before moving up north to get a degree in nutrition. When not visiting farms or cooking, Amy enjoys curling up with a book, a local beer, and a bowl of truffle-chili popcorn.

Heinrichsthaler Bierkäse

Heinrichsthaler Bierkäse

Heinrichsthaler Bierkäse is buttery, yeasty with a powerful yet pleasant flavor that reminds us of crouton-topped French onion soup or an onion bagel

Maplebrook Truffled Burrata

Maplebrook Truffled Burrata

Maplebrook Farm’s Truffled Burrata have chewy, stretchy mozzarella exteriors surrounding cloudlike fillings of cream dotted with rich black truffle

Beemster Smoked Dutch

Beemster Smoked Dutch

Beemster Smoked Dutch, a young gouda-style cheese, is as soft and smooth as an after-dinner butter mint that melts on the tongue

Cheeseland Inc. KoKos Minis

Cheeseland Inc. KoKos

KoKos Minis are cute miniature rectangles of cow’s milk cheese with organic coconut cream that adds a sweet, nutty flavor, ultra-creamy texture, and tropical-island aroma

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