Food with Love is food for thought

Yesterday our Love with Food box arrived. I love getting them every month. It’s a surprise and a present every month. And with each one I think about Lassa, who gave it to us as a Christmas gift.

Love with Food is a subscription service in the form of a box of unique and mostly new specialty food products (no perishables) – giving producers trying to break into distribution a chance to catch on virally, and hungry consumers the chance to discover them. Then, (and here’s the Love with Food part) they turn around and donate a meal to a hungry child for every box sold.

According to their website, after about a year of being in business, Love with Food has donated 50,220 meals. And based 8 new products in each box, they’ve introduced a LOT of people to a LOT of new products. Founder Aihui Ong has found a way to tackle two sticky problems by mashing them together; a distribution channel for new and tiny producers that incorporates marketing, and a means to feed hungry kids.

Hats off to you Aihui Ong. I hope your business thrives…with 500,000 meals delivered next year, and hundreds of tiny producers growing their way into profitable specialty food businesses.

The innards

The innards

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