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Buttermilk the Goat Game

Buttermilk: Bouncing Baby Goat video game by FunkyVisions

We’ve been a fan of Buttermilk the Bouncing Baby Goat for years, and it turns out that we were very not alone. While searching the internet for new photos and videos of our favorite Nigerian Dwarf goat, we discovered that in addition to a Facebook page and numerous gifs, Buttermilk now has her own video game app. 

In the game, which is available in both iTunes and Google Play stores, you can bounce Buttermilk through doughnuts to gain health and off of other goats to rack up points. Run into too many goats instead of jumping over or off of them and you die. Buttermilk slowly gains speed as she trots along, making the game more challenging as you continue. Like Candy Crush, it’s strangely addictive and great for killing a few minutes while waiting in line at the bank or grocery store.

Amy Scheuerman

Amy Scheuerman—culture's former web director—spent eight years in North Carolina where she developed a love of barbecue and biscuits before moving up north to get a degree in nutrition. She now works at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

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