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As an indiscriminate media zealot and avid snack lover, nothing pleases me more than the mash-up of food and pop culture. For this week’s Tasting Tuesday at culture, I thought it would be fun to play director, imagining some of this year’s Oscar nominees in the role of a lifetime, as one of Point Reyes’ amazing cheeses. Here are a few of my picks to invite for a (snack) session on the casting couch.

Point Reyes Original Blue
Photo by Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company
Bold and unapologetic, but showcasing a surprising range, this is the kind of cheese you just can’t say no to. With a delightful ocean-brininess set against a grassy milk paste, this Blue is anything but stodgy: the flavors are young and fresh- not at all musty. If her winning performance in Silver Linings Playbook is any indication, the ultra-likeable Jennifer Lawrence would be perfectly cast in the role of Point Reyes Original Blue; even a stumble on the steps was an opportunity to recover with humor and grace. I can easily imagine her –either Jennifer, or the Blue- knocking it out of the park alongside a perfectly-grilled burger.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence
Photo by Just Jared


Point Reyes Baby Blue
Bay Blue
Photo by Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company
Point Reyes’ newer Blue offering is -paradoxically- the elegant, more sophisticated sister of their Original Blue, with further flavor and texture juxtapositions to be found within. Poised yet complex, refined and deeply-evocative; statuesque beauty and Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain would be my first pick for the role of Point Reyes Bay Blue. Veins of dark mold add a dash of welcome drama against a toasty-salted caramel landscape, and the velvety paste is studded with tiny crystals. Vastly more interesting than your average leading lady, the subtly red-hued Bay Blue would easily be the star of any cheese plate: the thinking-man’s arm … err, plate… candy.

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain
Photo by Insomniac Mania


Point Reyes Toma
Photo by Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company
If a cheese could be a leading man, Point Reyes’ Toma would certainly be it. A slightly musty rind and pleasantly salty interior bring to mind rough-around-the edges, tenacious and affablee Ben Affleck, who I’d cast in the role of Toma (after Daniel Day-Lewis inevitably turned down the project for something more serious). With a down-home yeasty smell that recalls fresh bread, what this cheese lacks in range, it makes up for in its ability to work well with a supporting cast. Much like Ben, paired with something sweet, malty or tart, an afternoon snack of Point Reyes Toma seems much greater than the sum of its parts. Try it alongside some apples, and a nice dark stout.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

Written by Lauren Kouffman

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