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Époisses: A Love Story

I’d bet most cheesemongers could name a single taste that opened their eyes to a world beyond cheddar; leading them down the rabbit hole.  Here’s mine…





Katie Milliron

While in college, Katie took every opportunity to sneak down to Zingerman's Deli, the local specialty foods mecca. After graduating with a degree in Russian History (just in time for the 2008 recession) Katie gave her cartoon-strip resume to Ari Weinzweig and landed a job at the legendary deli. Her “temporary” gig would turn into a four-year graduate degree in food. In 2011 Katie began working at Great Ciao, an independent specialty food and cheese importer and distributor in Minneapolis. Today she works with chefs and retailers around the country, teaches cheese classes, and writes and illustrates www.artofcultures.com. Follow her @artofcultures